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    That's more than 7 (LOOONGS) months that Just Survive, born of H1Z1, has bowed out, and despite the time that passes, it's hard to forget these 1400 hours spent looting, farm, build, pvp, raid, chill etc ... And it's worse for those who have passed the 5000h!

    Even if we knew that the game was in early access and that its future was uncertain, I believed a lot in it, because, despite the phenomenon of royal battle that work very well, survival zombie mode in the open world continues to persist and arrives on consoles platforms (ex: Dayz on PS4).

    For me, by creating Just Survive, Daybreak Game was already in the future! Because if today big boxes of developers were embarking on a project like JS, it would work for sure. Because precisely, in my opinion, what is missing from his other survivalist cousins ??(apart from a few rare exceptions like RUST), it is this base building / raid side that adds a little spice to your survival. It's easy to make yourself addicted when you know that your base and stuff are in danger when you're not connected ^^

    It's not for the money that I put in this game that I'm disappointed today (many have spent much more than me in the skins), but because we have believed in it and that Daybreak has lowered arms. Certainly the population of the game has plummeted as the adventure, but the survivors still present on the servers continued to pray that this October 24 is just a joke!

    I probably do not have all the information in my possession to allow me to talk about all this, but it seems to me legitimate, that all players who have believed in Just Survive by helping Daybreak Games by participating in the development of the Alpha version , can re-play the game they bought, simply! (Give a child a lollipop, then take it back! ^^)
    If you don't believe anymore in the future of this game, why do not you allow access to the codes in this case so that we can play on private servers? I'm sure I'm not the only enthusiast of this game, and we still see people who publish video montages on Youtube in memory of our good old friend Just Survive, because for me, no other comes to his ankle and did not cost me so many sleepless nights! I could have played it all my life like other timeless games.

    I know that DBG has a tough time and that the sale of H1Z1 to NantG didn't pay off, but it was our only hope for JS. It seems to me that it was announced at one time, that the servers would be closed and that the money would be used for the development of the game, evoking a possible re-integration within H1Z1 as a mode.(It does not matter, as long as we can play to the limit! lmao).
    But since the announcement of the return of Z1 at DBG, I couldn't read somewhere a single announcement about the sad fate of Just Survive. What about today? Should we bury him and mourn? Is this wonderful experience and these precious memories now part of the past? My life does not depend on this game, but nostalgia took me away and I had to externalize all that! Give me news, I'm ready to take a vacation to play! I apologize for the translation, it must be doubtful, but I am not bilingual ^^
    signed: a fan in depression.