Is this game dead?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BIPOLAR314, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. BIPOLAR314 New Member

    I just joined season 3. It's the same teams constantly like there isn't enough players. The random people I play with are horrible.
  2. RuTH0X Member

    Enjoy ! I mean, more wins, more kills, better stats / ranking, etc...
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    I can only talk for solo and let me tell you, off peak hours cant even fill the lobby like they used to (23-50 players). I literally had to change my hours when playing h1z1 to keep my kill average up. Ive even asked daybreak here to speed up the game by starting on purple drops when this is the case because its boring as hell when no one is around until last circle.
  4. Miniker Member

    Now is less players than few month ago. I think now players from game waiting on something unusual and still need new players for bigger population. Don't have guarantee on more players in future because patience not is on forever. Today are players and updates but situation not is better.
  5. Carmen696 Member

    Game isnt dead but it has a lot of unadressed bugs like leaderboards etc which make people not want to play or grind anymore, so it might be soon.
  6. BIPOLAR314 New Member

    How do you find people with mics? I mean no one talks or even wants to play.
  7. BIPOLAR314 New Member

    Bump. Played all day at different hours. I'm master tier. Still can't find anyone with a mic. One team hopped out of party chat to call me a random p***y and why didn't I stay with the group. How many people are online at any giving point? Maybe 2k?
  8. Miniker Member

    Probably on PlayStation 4 don't have information about number players in game. Search players specific requirements don't have sense on current realities. Sometimes are players with microphone but not often like in other games. For many players don't have interest game and is less players. Many players seen situation with H1Z1 on steam in H1Z1 on PS4. Not expect much with players. Now is less players because many players don't feel that game will be better in future(maybe don't will be expected changes). If you need more players with microphone iy population must be bigger.
  9. BIPOLAR314 New Member

    So pretty much if you don't already have friends that play it's pointless to play? Glad I only spent 10 dollars.