Is it me or are there more AIM bot players?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Punk_Out, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Punk_Out Member

    I have been getting shot through houses, hills, mountains, and I just got destroyed by a guy in a Jeep driving full speed with a KH. He didn't miss any of his shot and the driver wasn't even going straight.
  2. headway New Member

    I was killed yesterday by a player that was literally shooting away from me, maybe at about a 90 degree angle in another direction. Sometimes I get killed instantly, especially when enemy is shooting a marauder. It's like they only pull the trigger once and literally in less than a second you're dead.
  3. 2high2die420 Member

    ^^^ was he in a car? There is no aim bot the aim assist in 3rd person already locks onto heads just spray above someone’s head and it focuses back on the head 3rd person doesn’t take skill anymore
  4. Punk_Out Member

    My new concern is people shooting me through buldings, hills, and mountains.

    There should be 0 aim assist in this game! I don't care how much assistance there is some people are not legit out there. Lag switch, aim bot, rapid fire, and so on are still being used by some players. Forget what that pack is that people plug into there controller but the devs seriously need to start patching this game more often. Low budget game, from a low budget development team...
  5. 2high2die420 Member

    It used to be zero aim assist when it was first person, now 3rd it locks onto the head. There are no “aimbot” players. The lag is horrible a lot of time. People with the rapid fire controllers will be a thing in any game, switch your r2 and r1 buttons so you can shoot faster
  6. headway New Member

    No wasn't in a car. I guess it's just lag. I'm also getting loads of times that I shoot someone with the shotgun and they don't get any or very little damage. It's like I'm shooting blanks. They then obviously down me with just one shot.

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