Is anyone listening?

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    With all the criticism and negativity out weighing anything positive you would think you would be responding and communicating with the community. Otherwise why even have a forum. I see all the complaints but yet you guys aren’t fixing or even explaining anything. Acknowledge something,anything.. the game is becoming more unplayable by the day. How about some patch notes. Communication in a community goes a long way.. every update brings a handful of new bugs. The magic carpet riding cars. I coasted almost the entire map. 10 car rodeo at the end of every match. Vision impairment with weapons. The ground is so undulating that when u exit a vehicle it rolls a half mile away. Or just disappears all together. The map is small and there is no access to outside border. Even airdrops are not retrievable. I liked the game because of the simplicity. But I feel since the beta it has gotten progressively worse. It’s sad. I wish u cared as much as we do. But keep pumping out those skins.. make that money. Karma will get ya.
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    Don't forget the cars floating away when you get out of them too!! You would think these people, daybreak or H1Z1 producers, would atleast try and message or talk with those that seem to care. Haven't heard a peep. Im looking for a new game FPS now, and see the new call of duty might finally be something again. So screw H1, daybreak, or whom ever is trashing this game. I know im not the only one waiting for something new to drop now too.
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    Yeah I’m done with this game.
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    It’s just become ridiculous now. The random crates suck. The fact that if you engage on person you can expect to engage half the map. I can’t see when I shoot my two favorite guns and then weapons don’t even load so I stand around waiting for something to show up just to get killed by some nobody with a shotgun. Sitting in the vehicles and shooting has become a major part of this game. What happened to actually fighting? I’m sick of this entire company and this game being what it is.
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    Honestly I would rather deal with the wall breaches form the last map or have you and Holy Spirit roll up on me and throw grenades for days than deal with all this.