is a refund possible?

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    who would i contact to get a refund? if even possible
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    Legend - if it helps here is the reply I got after creating a Bug Report Ticket - please note I'm only asking for a refund if Leaderboard reset issue is not fixed


    Thank you for the response on the persistent bug that has been affecting players since season 2.

    Unfortunately we at in game support have no control over these resets of the leaderboards and the only thing i could suggest is to keep posting on our forum pages. Our dev team is aware of the issue and are trying to imply different solutions to solve this problem. We do not have an exact ETA of when this issue will be fixed and we are very sorry that this bug has hit you more than once in season 2 and now carrying over into season 3.

    To my knowledge we unfortunately do not offer refunds of our battle pass. I know this may not be the response you were hoping to receive and we do apologize and can assure you that the leaderboard reset issue is being looked at.

    Any news involving updates to bugs such as the one you have encountered will be posted on our main page that is linked below. Be sure to check this page as we are constantly updating it.

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    Hello Guys,
    Been a vocal supporter on the forums, positive, a voice of reason and awaited Season 3 with relish. Alas after all the problems that plagued Season 2 with resets - assuming that Season 3 as marketed and promoted would have working Leaderboards and Ranking systems - I purchased the Battlepass on the premise that as promoted these features would be included and working. After 3 days I have just had my season kills reset, my career stats deleted - mirroring the same problems that existed through Season 2. The whole incentive to play longer and make every KILL mean something - was that the leaderboards could track your successes and give some personal recognition to the play. Yes the game is great - winning is good with a crate - but every kill recorded just provides the impetus to go on long streaks and higher kill games and get better. I cannot express how disappointed I am feeling to see the reset today - I was ready to grind and then I felt like not playing - which I didn't (except to get the 3 dailies). Can you update regards a fix - and if there is no fix - can I get a refund for my Battlepass purchase ? I am patient and will give plenty of time - I would like to see Devs give updates in the forums regards to this issue - but if it is all too hard and irreparable - it is simply not fair to promote the game like you did for Season 3, charge for the Battlepass when these issues remain. SIMPLY NOT FAIR. Will there be a fix ? Time frame ? If not - can I get refund ? Thanks guys - love this game but the resets will be a deal breaker for me Kind Regards
    Steve Young
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    thx for the input