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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Squeaky___P, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Squeaky___P Member

    I have an idea. It would be fun to add shout outs in addition to emotes. Shoutouts would be voice actor callouts that can be initiated by the player. These could be fun and also unlockable by players. You could have team shout outs like " I need a med kit" , " I need ammo", "I need to loot", "enemy spotted" etc. But the real fun is shoutouts created to interact with opponents, such as "I'm going to kill you", " "you're surrounded", "Time to die", "Eat lead", "damn you"," I surrender", "I'm in the building don't come in" etc. This is also a good replacement to proximity chat. It's still fun to intimidate or interact with opponents, but less toxic in most circumstances. I think the devs could really have fun and be creative and edgy writing scripts for new fun shout outs and then recording themselves to add to the game. Please boost this thread!
  2. Squeaky___P Member

    Even while using my mic I'd still use this feature. It would be fun. Also I don't want proximity chat because I don't want to hear people screaming or saying perturbing things while I'm trying to communicate with my team.
  3. stevey66 Member

    Squeaky - in that case you would turn off prox chat in menu - but still be able to chat to your team as always - people want choice and power - proximity chat with an off toggle is the adult way to go - alas it aint coming - your idea would be fun as well - imagine if the player could record their own Shout - Out - would be very cool (apart from the small percentage of idiots that would record something inordinately loud or disturbing)