I Suggest That You #BringBackJS

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AZombie, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. AZombie New Member

    Wake up daybreak, everyone's watching you rip off YOUR OWN fan base. i have bought so many alpha games and not one of them have been taken down and made unusable, that means the incredibly small teams of devs working on indie alpha games i've bought are more professional than that. They stated it was taken down due to population but that population was loyal to the game (and might i add much higher than some other games i own that are still very much functioning), loyal and waiting to be shown some love back from daybreak after they were abandoned almost immediately when the game split for its more popular half H1Z1 BR or whatever its called now after a million name changes only to be literally lied to and figuratively stabbed in the back. With all of daybreaks lies or "promises unfulfilled" big updates that never came and were never answered for, content promised not delivered. map promised, delivered then immediately abandoned and last but not least withholding updates and game news under the pretense of the game being sold and possibly revamped by a new company only to shut it down completely. They still even sold cosmetics up until the last minute before the announcement. this sounds an awful lot like a group of liars and con artists more than a group of game developers. The reputation of daybreak was shaky at best before the h1z1 fiasco now as it stands if nothing is done it will be forever tarnished as it would at the moment very much deserve to be.

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