I hate looting this new map in Solos and Duos!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Punk_Out, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Punk_Out Member

    So this PUBG looking map keeps pissing me off with piss poor loot. 6 houses in an area, 6 commandos, 4 shotguns, maybe a hell fire, and some throwables. Sometimes I either can only find a helmet or a piece of armour after searching every camp and house in one zone.

    Such a sad excuse for loot...and why are there so many Commando guns. I pick up an AR-15 or replace it with a Hell Fire which are just as good. Commandos are a huge waste of 5.56 ammo in my opinion, it's an alright gun still just noisey.

    The last game I played I had to hit 2 green drops to get one piece of armour because I get sick of spending the first 5-10 minutes looting for garbage. Then a 30 second gun battle and then back to looting for armour until the gold drops come. There are way more places to loot but it's all spread out in an awful way thay it slows down the gameplay.

    This just makes me want to start playing PUBG again. I just didn't like looking for scopes or 3 different armour types all the time. The simplicity was what I loved about this game and now it's just slow and boring. Gives me no time to explore this crazy and vast land! Plus I wanted some more combat too!

    I thought going to named areas would get me more loot and make it easier to get everything and go but it's all spread out. Also Woodland Pass is conplete garbage spot to loot unless you want the military crate that is always there.

    I am fine grinding my way to the top 10 but getting gold drops or fighting people with descent guns is a giant struggle when I cannot loot up and go like I used too.

    Does anyone else feel like this?
  2. RuTH0X Member

    uh... This map FUKKN AMAZINGLY SUCKS...

    YES, it DOES look like PUBG maps...

    The size is 4 x 4 instead of 10 x 10... Meaning that it is about 1/6 of the "original" map... I think, its about the same size as the FFA map.. Meaning that within the safe zone when you spawn, it is smaller than the FFA map, with 100 ppl in it... it sucks BIG time..

    I tried to drop in the middle of the safe area, I hid in a bush, waited and I finished 6th, no guns, no armor, nothing...

    OMG, they keep lowering their standard.. WORST update ever, that supposed to be a Great one.. Good thing, my expectations were kind of low...

    Oh yeah, and they removed falling damage? WHY ??

    It is so sad, it looks like they're trying to be like the other games...

    I am speechless.. At least, in FFA, you respawn right away.. lol with guns...

  3. Punk_Out Member

    I play FFA so I can have some real combat again. Everyone hides and runs. I get killed because someone shoots me in the back right after my target hops in his car to run away. I third party too but I don't run when I am in a gun fight. Why would I run? To go loot for one piece of armour or a helmet for the rest of the game so i am ready for the final circle....

    Also, the stealth silence of the Racer is just awful, not to mention the audio bug on it. The engine sound cuts out like crazy still, you hear it for a split second then the sound bugs out to silent mode and the engine sound comes back when the car hits (what sounds like) top gear.

    Fives is still better when it comes to loot and tactics. At least having 3 or 4 people watching your back makes a big difference. So much more armour, helmet, and gun loot in fives.