I dont have STAMP MISSION why???

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Vryabchun, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Vryabchun New Member

    Hello, maybe somebody from support of H1Z1 PS4 answere to me????

    Why I dont have STAMP MISSIONS????? I buy PREMIUM Battle pass....

    My nick in the game - Vryabchun
  2. Carmen696 Member

    "Stamp missions are extra challenges for new players and returning players - those who have been away for awhile or aren't as deeply active in the de facto daily and weekly challenge system. Basically, they were meant as an incentive for more casual players to give the new Season a try. But it's clear that having access to the entirety of the challenge system is something the broader community wants, and we'll work to see if we can address this in advance of the next update."
  3. Vryabchun New Member

    Thank you, I hope you can)
  4. US_Immigrant New Member

    My current plan is to not log in for 10 days. I believe i will then count as 'returning'. it may b only 7 days, but i will spring for the extra 3. Good luck
  5. Jcon115 Member

    I play H1Z1 almost everyday for numerous hours. After I took a week-long break from playing, I logged on to find that I had these stamp missions on my account. I'm now getting so many crates from these stamp mission chalenges because they're bugged. Whenever you complete them, you'll get a crate, but you can keep completing them over and over to get more crates. I guess it's not a bug to be complaining about though lol.
  6. Jcon115 Member

    I guess you just need to take a week-long break or so from playing and log back in. Then you might get the stamp missions.
  7. User543378447 New Member

    I don’t often play during weekdays but after a +7 day break stamp challenges appear for me too... I now have all items in Arsenal and most in Chaos... Free stuff is good but tbh I’m feeling unfair because earlier last seasons I’ve spent money on crates trying to win certain items now they’re given away is not right!
    Valid complaint imo...
  8. Kris23 New Member

    Hello, my stamp mission also not working . Can you do it something with this?