Hit detection 3rd person vs 1st in Car

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2high2die420, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. 2high2die420 Member

    Can someone tell me what my bullets are hitting? 3rd person shooting from the car has ruined the game for me no updates or responses from H1 as expected. On to the next game loved me some H1Z1 this game had great potential since beta but the community was ignored and we have reached the current state. If you still enjoy playing that is fine I am not here to rain on your parade but please watch the video so you know these issues are not baseless -2High2Die
  2. Menacemastrz Member

    I def felt like this was happening
    Okay so 3rd person ads vs 1st person ads in a matchup 3rd person ads has the advantage.
    but, 1st person ads works shooting guys thru cars, yes I’ll do that! .... wait if the guys shooting out of car aimed on me 3rd person I’m screwed. Great ! makes no sense at all.
  3. 2high2die420 Member

    Mech- I know I am taking a break from H1 til they fix the carshooting. Menace- I agree 3rd person will win every time. Give me a pistol and a car vs someone on foot and I will win 9/10 I don’t care what they have. Unfortunately I’d rather not play this game than switch seats and shoot from the backseat
  4. Menacemastrz Member

    Yes this is known to be very true. 9/10 will suffer a most violent death by your pistola.
    I’d say pretty much everyone lately I’ve run into can’t stand this weak **** but use it just to combat against it. 1st person shooting only would be great for fixing this problem, shooting 1st person in a car looks realistic and it’s pretty restricted. Sound effects are there too. It muffles out the sound as if you were sitting in a car with the windows up pretty badass.
  5. 2high2die420 Member

    Hit detection is horrible my bullets are literally going through the guys head make a poll like daybreak did with other weapons I bet the majority will say 1st person only from out of the car