H1Z1 why do you guys suck so badly

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Why_so_shotty, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Why_so_shotty New Member

    Developers we have literally given you so much feedback since the game came out. I personally came in season 2 and can tell you since then I have watched the game just go down. First the introduction of FFA on season three is when I really noticed a terrible difference in the game. The introduction of the lambo was again another terrible move. Since the introduction of the lambo cars are virtually silent. This season tops it off. Guns still dont load in on a timely manner not to mention the military crate system is completely garbage. I get it you wanna make it fair for these garbage players but I’m tired of it. Updates with zero patch notes. Adding more skins instead of updates, a real community service I might add. I’m sick of you developers and I’m sick of where this amazing simple game has gone. Please do something because I can assure you many people have left the game and it’s only a matter of time before I leave as well
  2. BallBreakGames New Member

    I have to agree with your points...I haven't played this game for a few weeks now because the new map is garbage in my opinion. The removal of fall damage and the silent cars also did it for me. I'm honestly not sure if l will return to this game again.
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    Been a while since i posted. I have already given up on the game. Been playing since beta on ps4 and left towards end of season 3. You have to be a really inept company to trash your game in less than a year. But this is whats happened.
    I used to post a fair bit both in the original h1z1 and then this one. Rarely if ever did Daybreak listen to a lot of the suggestions from its community. I also love how all those who argued with me, protecting daybreak, are not even around anymore....Well look now. Game is a joke, this forum is dead, the ps4 forum is almost dead and other reddit for h1 got shut down.

    Not even angry. Just dont care. What a waste though....
  4. Why_so_shotty New Member

    Yeah I’m done with this game. Until they fix the game and stop introducing skins instead of fixing things I’m not playing.
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    in that case you will never play again. This how daybreak operate. Dishonest monetization over anything else. It has creeped more and more into the game since Season 1 with no prioritiy over fixing games wider issues. Those that are addressed are done at the end of the season so players are left to suffer for 3months or more. Each season brings back legacy bugs or completely new ones.
  6. MechAArmA Member

    Amen !
    Perfectly resumed..

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