H1Z1 Identity Issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheDrizzle22, May 7, 2019.

  1. lPolitics Member

    Why are ppl so fond of you drizzle ? lol
  2. TheDrizzle22 Member

    They love me, or hate me.
  3. MrJFouch New Member

    Solo queuing in Fives shouldn't be easy.

    A lot of players have adapted, and learned to player closer and together. The only player's who have yet to adapt, are player's like yourself, Drizzle. However, you found the easy way out by moving to the JPN server.

    As for the riot shotgun, it is fine. It has literally never changed. This happens in any game, and you can use all of the excuses in the book, but at the end of the day.. you just gotta hit your shots.
  4. Cole_MacGraft Member

    hey watch your mouth he is "ONE OF THE TOP 10 H1Z1 PLAYERS IN NA OF ALL TIME" so he probly hits all of his shots. <_<
  5. MrJFouch New Member

    Actually, Daybreak even told him to aim better.
  6. lPolitics Member

    lol no way
  7. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Adapted learned? I put up better numbers then anyone in 5s season 3. Clearly any good players will adapt. And have. Not my point. I came here to express how the key characteristics of this game have been watered down. Not to take pop shots at anyone.

    JPN server ? I play better on NA on my bad days then you have all season Fouch. Carried by hydros hero's yourself. All 15 of your rossburger wins. Lmao.

    And lastly, it's not a a problem for me. Must be hard to do the same thing I do and suck at it. Streaming/views/kills/records H1Z1 got The Drizzle all over it. Who are you again? Aaaa, that's right. Little butch boy. Shotgun never changed. Hahaha
  8. TheDrizzle22 Member

    You clearly need some pompoms.
  9. Cole_MacGraft Member

    na you suck yourself off more than anyone else ever could guy. If you were humble maybe id cheer lead if you had this skill you brag about.
  10. TheDrizzle22 Member

    You clearly don't know me. It doesn't bother me one bit your perception of me either. I have many positive and like minded people around me, that support me.

    Regardless, nobody can say they have donated more time or money to build this community. Selflessly. So anything a pack of two dollar peasants has to throw my way, I will deal with.
  11. Carmen696 Member

    Yh? I dont see anyone here, thats for sure. And why would they? You write like a angry 12 year old, but everyone here can clearly see through your ********.

    And typing HAHAHAHAH at the end isnt really helping you look smart either.
  12. TheDrizzle22 Member

    I don't have my ppl come here and back me up. I'm not 15 and need someone to fight my battles. If you think I'm here to make myself look smart you would be mistaken. Should I? Is that what this is? Because I'm positive I can bring smarter , more aggressive people to come **** bag on you guys if that's how we can settle this.
  13. vhdustin Member

  14. vhdustin Member

    for those of you who don't know who i am, i'm the VHD, and i've been playing this game since beta, i am the GOD of H1 and whoever does not succumb to my greatness and bow down before me will suffer the wraith of eternal darkness and forever be damned into the void. jus sayin
  15. AlhpaBravos Member

    We actually dont agree on everything. I am anti shotgun for one because its the dominant meta in this game which proves that theres an imbalance. I play solo and duo mostly so am only preoccupied with those modes and how they should be balanced. The reason the game is suffering has nothing to do with one weapon or some other minor detail. Its various issues from daybreaks poor coding to high ping incidences. The problems are actually too many to list here but ive created threads on this before.
    And to say i am pompous is ridiculous. I offer my opinion on certain things and thats it. Just find interesting that many often say the same thing or back my comments. You can look in separate forums altogether to see these reoccurring complaints so your the one whose actually delusional and rather selfish because you only care about killing bots at the cost of everything else.
    Its why i have no interest in anything you have to say and the game would probably be better without people like you around. Its just your whole attitude and reactionary nature that causes me to roll my eyes almost every time you talk.
    Even with an IQ of 2 i still 100% smarter than you. In fact smart enough to realize that im wasting my time having this debate. The only thing we have in common is our frustration and annoyance with daybreak and how they handled this game. It doesnt matter what you or I say becuase the future of h1z1 should be decided by more surveys where everyone gets a voice on weapons or other features.
    And the reason i stay in EU servers is because i want to have a low ping. I care more about the experience than i do about winning. Who gives a damn about high scores if you do it with terrible latency or against simple bots.

    Ever heard of quality over quantity? Thats something all of us should aspire to and request from Daybreak.
  16. Cole_MacGraft Member

    This man understands
  17. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Lmao, you guys are still here talking? Hmmm. Seems like you guys care a lot. Still....
  18. TheDrizzle22 Member

    My natural reaction to reading your statement was to throw up in my mouth.

    You are what is called a casual player. Im sorry for that. I cant imagine playing a game even Connect Four without trying to compete or have competition. Even in with "bots" in JPN I'm pushing for 30+ kill games. Every game. The JPN sever has the riot clean. Super clean. Not inconsistent like NA. 2 pumps. I prefer it.

    Sitting there playing the I'm not competitive card is kinda weird. Then sitting there saying you are a casual player on top of that and that you believe you represent a majority is ludacris. You are missing the whole point making things personal.

    The whole game is kill based. The scores, the meta, everything. Over the past few months devs have been straying away from this. Catering to people like yourself, has taken the high kill streaks, watering the king of the kill style gameplay. Removing individual skill, reduces achievement. You really don't understand that. Id also say that solos, duos isn't really affected by this as much. 5s its clear. Mix in how bad the NA server is running, dysinc, not reporting shots. Its not fun.

    You can understand the pompom comment. Not a single person including yourself, came here to address the issue I was presenting. You just came to slang poop. Then you quoted me but clearly want to address me playing in JPN or your opinion of me rather the underlined issues. Excuse the hell outa me for defending myself against trolls. I have no problem articulating myself against a bunch of half wits.

    High ping? I'm connected to the JPN server on fiber. Not dial up dude.
  19. AlhpaBravos Member

    Casual player? This is the misquote of the decade, at least in small obscure video game circles. Yeah its clear that your extremely competitive with a certain type of personality. Almost toxic. Your the kind of person to have children and would rather see them cry then let them win and think your teaching them a valuable lesson.
    The point of this game is not limited to your narrow perception. It clear in the leaderboards that people with highest kills averages are rarely at the top. Or those with numerous wins. All it takes is a player to spam 30 matches a day to be amongst the elite rankings. So exuse me if i call BS on you or daybreak thinking h1z1 is competitive and skill based. To me its the opposite and mostly a joke.
    I am not to fussed about the whole thing and i am actually a little more positive about the direction of the game after the last survey relating to crossbow. If we could have another one discussing the riot and combat, that would be great. Its long overdue and not uncommon to see weapons in battle royal games nerfed and even vaulted to change up a stale meta that reduces options and play styles.
    And its possible that the reason that most are not interested in addressing your concerns is because your completely out of touch with what this game should be. It also doesnt help that you come across as a self entitled ****** bag. I actually look forward to the day that riot is nerfed, not only because it needs to be but to also collect the salt tears from your cheek and then through it back in your face as you leave h1z1 to terrorize child bots in another BR game.
  20. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Give it a break. You have the comprehension of a child.