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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheDrizzle22, May 7, 2019.

  1. TheDrizzle22 Member

    I would like to start by saying, like always I love this game on PS4. I would not be hear complaining if I didn't. Let me explain a little bit more in depth.

    The reason myself an many others got "hooked" on this game was quite simple. The fastest paced BR, NOTHING was able to deliver a level of adrenaline as H1Z1. The weekend of the release on PS4, FN changed the head shots with shotguns. Slowing the TTK of the game. (This adjustment has since been reversed on FN) Many who came over were thrilled about the 1 and two pumps of the riot. As with most people I didn't grasp the concept of this, and used the hefire. It took one or two deaths from the riot to see exactly how lethal it was. Making me pick it up and trying to learn the correct movement and shooting. Half of that issue I believe is because I had to see it happen to myself , to learn. Along the way I also learned it was the biggest skill gap in the game. Still is. Artistic even.

    In my oppinion the desync, lag is what has turned everyone away. If you play this game an hour or 10 hour a day, you would see what I'm saying. The riot is so inconsistent right now. It should be removed from the game. I imagine first time players experiencing this effect is a game ender. I can only for see them writing it off as poor hit detection. As for the hardcore players experiencing this it is absolute game changer. Nobody can clearly understand this unless it happens to them. Shooting someone, and they don't die. That's killing this game.

    As for the meta changes. I ask you did it make people come back? Did it help make this company more money? Clearly it did not. This change broke this games back. You actually started to change the meta tword a APEX play style right before its release. Those players now play that game. I ask you to dig down deep and identify the characteristics that make H1Z1 unique among many Battle Royale games. Embrace them. Not trying to make it something it's not, nor will ever become.

    The crossbow nerf is not enough. 9 shots by as many as 5 guys, (you still hand them out like candy) is still the meta and too op. Understand that the emp effect is still needed at the previous radius. Also that the reason people hate it is because they generally are low on health healing when someone splash damages them behind cover. This is still the case.

    Go back to a king of the kill style play. People enjoyed the kill streaks , biggest reason hardcore players left this game. Believe me if the servers were running the JPN version of this game they would all flood back. I have said it many times. PS4 players we want a competitive play style and atmosphere. This is completely absent on the NA server.

    Solo 5s is completely done for still. This is kinda disturbing. This is where myself and many others learn how to play the game. Test your might if you will and just learn. If a new player is playing solo 5s he is uber #$@#. Zero ability to defend himself. Team shot is king right now in 5s. A dull and boring meta. In Solo 5s you can't down players fast enough with your own core weapons to defend yourself. Again this is discouraging at all levels of play.

    3rd person shooting. Just give us the PC version. No bullet bloom. A single dot with bullet drop. Its what everyone wants. Plus this might even the playing field with the shotgun rushes , giving everyone what they wanted. Seriously. Everyone. If not then make it a two tap with the AR. That will def slow the riot rushes down.

    Love you guys. Hope to see big things.
  2. lPolitics Member

    how does this have so many views but no comments. Does no one care....
  3. Cole_MacGraft Member

    why do you post your high kill gameplay videos from the JPN servers? your playing vs almost brand new players when you have been playing for a while now.
  4. WarNtea64 Member

    I COMPLETELY AGREE with this post, I'm hoping that they do something drastic going into Season 4. There is a sync issue with playing especially in 5's, its really noticeable. And the crossbow needs to have less arrows period.

    In order for this game to come back to being awesome and worthy of the 14 million downloads from last year, there has to be a SERIOUS meeting in HQ for whats going to give life in the game again, and not just features, I mean bringing influencers and popular youtubers back to playing. Updates every week, Dev streams with FAQ's, SOMETHING. This game is good even though some bugs still havent been fixed, but as mentioned in many posts, even though you guys at day break are working on alot admittedly, I feel Season 4 is the LAST chance. Updates every 90 days ( 4 times a year) IS NOT going to cut it.
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    Agreed.lol, this so ridiculous. This game isnt designed around a few people wanting to solo in 5s. And its been established that drizzle22 is a bit of joke for praying on noob players in Japan servers.
    The only changes worth listening to are the ones from typical users because so called elitist players would ruin the game if they had it there way. A nice contrast to this was the recent survey which helped nerf the crossbow. The radius reduction of the emp is great because it now requires some skill to use. The only reduction it needs is further nerfing to its body damage. 40hp is to high. Scale it back to around 25hp and that will kill this stupid crossbow meta.

    Desyncing crap is all on daybreak not investing in their servers and optimizing the game. Any changes on this front will come from community putting more pressure on daybreak and asking for improvements. Regarding shotgun, get rid of the combat and re-balance the riot as two and one shot reduce this game to cheap shots and lame cod rushing.

    So recent update is pushing the game back in the right direction and hope daybreak continue to adjust and update in a prompt and timely manner. Its in their interest to do so because if planet side 3 is a success, than h1z1 might actually be discontinued because resources and staff will be re-allocated to focus on that. Free games are not guaranteed to survive. Ive seen it before.
  6. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Clearly you are high. I have been playing NA since beta
    I am among the tip 10 players for this game ps4 all time. Why do you hide in EU? Clearly you know NA players are better. So why hide ? Your answer is irrelevant. I came here to leave some of my opinions. In a positive and constructive way. People like yourself are the reason this game is broken. You came here but hurt crying on the forms that they're Cod rushing you. It made them mess up the shotguns in the game the core weapon of the game. Now you still can't take getting 3 pumped. The shotgunning in this game was exactly where it should have been. Bunny hopping with a riot is clearly a strategy in the game , technique ,artistic even. You didn't take the time to learn, still haven't. You would rather stay in your same safe space rather than learn the game. You would complain for the devs to make it easier.

    So if I were you I would go ahead and try to improve your own gameplay and not worry about what the drizzle does. Until next time, good day.
  7. TheDrizzle22 Member

    You're ridiculous for not understanding the concept I'm trying to put before you. How do you not understand that new players that play this game generally play solo fives? And that in this game you can literally stand right next to your team and one V5 an entire Squad. Those instances and occasions are tainted because there is no way to stop a 5-man squad. Zero skill involved just put bodies on them.

    Everything , all the adjustments that have been made have elimated individual skill from 5s. The riot nurf, the end game score, rating points, team shot meta; have all reduced individual skill.

    If one just one elitist player talked to the devs , and the devs listened this game would still be popping. How could you disagree. We all feel the same way about the same stuff. In fact this whole philosophy of catering to the individuals you are mentioning has left this game in shambles. Look around. The tribe has spoken. Listening to the Casual players that wanted to make this game easier, combined with taking individual skill from fives, changes to the core meta is exactly the reason this game is in the pooper. You sit there high and pompous thinking you as an individual know what's best. How can you say this when clearly the devs followed suit on your way of thinking and being in this situation? Delusional.

    You see now that the current adjustments have been made, decreasing skill gap, removing as much individual skill as possable; I ask you why would an average player grind this game to get better? There is no reason anymore. High kill streak games are fewer and far between what they used to be.

    The technical aspect of the shotgunning in this game is one of the biggest skill gaps I've ever seen in any game. It's the reason people play. Not just myself or top tier players. Dialling that down and catering 2 players that refused to adapt to this game play, will in fact be the end of this game. That's why I posted the game as identity issues, clearly if you have higher than a 2 IQ you will grasp the idea.

    I will ask you the very same thing sir why are you hiding over in the EU servers? Clearly you know that all of the good players are in the NA server. The server I have dominated for the last 6 months. Don't worry I've got my bags packed and I plan on making a trip to EU. See ya soon pal.
  8. Cole_MacGraft Member

    1. Not from the EU severs been playing on NA since beta and have never left because im too lazy to make another account just to play H1Z1 on another server.

    2. I have only ever talked about 5 issues on H1Z1 Forums 1. Combat ROF 2.Teaming 3. the Crossbow spamming 4. getting the green bone skin & 5. Many random skin & loot box issues. Never complained about "cod rushing" if you can find a post of me saying that id love to see it. I was one of the people saying the riot was fine fix the combat. Even gave tips to combat getting rushed.

    4. I know how to adapt in this game and use more than one gun so no matter what the change is can still get wins on my Home server.

    sooo that's 0/4 for you sir. I would consider posting facts. But you cant do that because you're over there farming kills on the easier severs (as YOU have called them) to try to boost views on your trash youtube channel and make yourself seem like you're this super bada** player .KNOW the FACTS because when you just post randomness without doing the research it makes you look really stupid.

    and been playing on NA since beta huh? you may have started on NA but you hop around and post these videos everywhere like your playing vs the best players which you have said are in NA so why you posting these videos of you getting 28 kills solo in fives ON THE JPN SEVERS? https://www.reddit.com/r/H1Z1OnPS4/comments/blm1j8/28_kill_solo_5s_jpn_thedrizzle22/.

    if you are as beast mode as you say, you wouldnt make accounts to play on the EU severs (dont know if you have one but would not be shocked, which YOU yourself just said are less skilled than NA) and the JPN severs ( which is filled with new players just learning the game.) even to "practice" if you were so good like only you keep saying you are. you could make a 2nd NA account if you wanted to practice. (Where YOU say the better players are) but you sever hop.

    no sir im not high your just stupid.
  9. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Can you say triggered much?

    What's is your PSN?

    Hop from server to server? I played JPN for a week and now ima server hopping scrub?

    Rofl, my YouTube is a joke? Yeah, probably because I post on FB. I have over 140 subs on a YouTube I never promoted. Untill the reddit post. I have been thinking to grow it. Via the reddit post. Why are you so mad? Why have you resorted to a popularity contest? If this is the case why are YouTube views more important ? I have around 7k YouTube views. Because I have copied every video to there. I have over 100k views on Facebook between my personal and new public content creator page. So explain to me what I care about how you feel about my YouTube. Clearly people enjoy my content , thus making you some little hater. I'm cool with that.

    Now clearly you can be upset that I received over 1k views on FB or over 500 views on YouTube (with only 140+ subs) Within a week. Ok I would say that's a score. So it doesn't bother me one bit. Now iv been playing NA everyday this week. So in your case. I'm back.

    Additionally, I came here to leave my constructive opinion. Nothing personal or attacking anyone. You sir can agree or disagree , but coming here to attack me personally is not going to get you anywhere.
  10. Cole_MacGraft Member

    i just cant with you its like talking to a wall. asking you why you post a video of you getting a high kill game on a JPN is attacking you ok. what you posted to me and Alphabravos is attacking. and i went into that long rant because of what you posted being just 100% wrong
  11. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Clearly not bringing positivity or even a opinion that's different. Just a sour mouth and a hurt butt. I was mistaken to what server you played. Big deal. You are still in my thread trying make straw man arguments. Can't help you wanna troll me. Still no reply on the PSN id..
  12. Cole_MacGraft Member

  13. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Never seen you, solo player?
  14. Cole_MacGraft Member

  15. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Lame, you wanna say I'm dodging talent playing JPN but can't play 5s where the real sweats at. Hmmmm.

    Anyways, make your way to rossburger. See how you measure up and maybe even make some money. Maybe.
  16. Cole_MacGraft Member

    yea playing solo is dodging talent, ok stupid

    sorry i have better things to do and dont need to play h1 to prove i have gaming skills if i wanted to do that i could compare my trophies to yours showing i have skills in alot of games not just h1z1.

    and frankly i dont care about what you or ross think or how you feel because i dont solo fives like a tryhard. later hope one day h1 wont be your life so much that you brag about it everywhere you get the chance because its all you have in life apparently.

    last post im giving you like i said its like talking to a wall and not worth the time.
  17. vhdustin Member

    action bronson is a biter
  18. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Nice. Again. Not a single thing to say post or thread related. Just here to pick a fight with TheDrizzle22. Hope you enjoyed our talk.
  19. Cole_MacGraft Member

    That coming from a known forum troll. Sure.
  20. TheDrizzle22 Member

    That's the most hypocritical statement coming from you yet.

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