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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MechAArmA, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. MechAArmA Member

    I mean , i just saw the new weapons , another purple one that is effective as a KH or even more ? An automatic AR ?

    A vehicule doublon ? Waw the audacity to do that and especially for the ATV , im not even talking about the pre existing sets from Japanese version , useless new cars that are all based on a fast car models , where is the ambulance ? Where's the anti riot cars ? Or some Mad max like cars ?
    I feel like looking at some Hot Wheels toys that could have been in a PS2 game ..
    That Jgolenbo rat coming out of nowhere after no sign of lifes for months trying to play the bff dev answering 10 times a day the same question , what a shame .
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    Last time Jgolenbo posted was aprox May according to another poster. So almost three months. Feels longer though. Still not acceptable and gives you an idea of daybreaks interaction with its playersbase in its own official forum. There twitter feed is more active than here which makes this place pretty much redundant.

    I have looked at season 5 and considered revisiting but here are the problems and the predictions.

    1. On the surface some of the seasons looked interesting but reality was just lots of reskins and bugs and exploitable glitches and more cheating. The seasons are given a date but are always late and delayed and when they finally appear are mostly a mess that takes additional days and weeks to fix.
    So i wont be a guinea pig for day break reporting problems when its their job to do this in the first place. I will wait a while before joining and see how it plays out.

    2. I sort of mentioned superficial stuff in point 1 but will double on this other issue. All these flashy extras like new cars and new maps mean absolutely nothing if you have bad servers, fluctuating frame rates, screen taring and host of bugs that all serve to impede gameplay. The same with balancing weapons preventing annoying metas from developing and literally ruining the game as was the case with crossbow in S3.

    3. By the end of season 3 i was struggling to find full lobbys often at certain times of the day. They will be a spike of interest with season 5 but it will just plummet again if issues outlined in point 1 and 3 are not addressed. This is all made worse by adding all these lame arcade modes that doing almost nothing but fracture the playberbase more taking away from the core game, which is battleroyale.

    4. And its BattleRoyale is where the focus should be. Look at fortnite or apex legends for example. A Lot of what makes them interesting is that updates and changes are mostly made to their existing maps by adding or removing features during seasonal events or when the end of one season ends and another begins. This should be the main focus for daybreak and providing a solid balanced gaming experience, even if you have to sacrifice new content.

    5. H1Z1 will never hit its potential without proper investment and due care. The team is too small and their budget to limited. And this is why this game will never truly be great or have any chance of holding it head high with its peers.Or have a genuine respect and appreciation from its userbase.

    Even without a big budget this game can be great but daybreak should stop obsessing over content and focus more on a solid gameplay experience.
  3. 2high2die420 Member

    What exploitable glitches are you predicting AS A RESULT of the update? If you mean building glitching I do not believe that can truly ever be fixed unless they make every barrier on walls etc much larger to avoid clipping through with vehicles or even two people running into each other. You mention the frame rate etc and here is what gives me hope; there first map was a 10x10 area this new map is much smaller, barely over a 6x6 making the map nearly 40 percent smaller. iMO this is a positive as there will be less to render in and load. Here is why I am not optimistic; with the 3rd person update it has become clear the largest issues arise when players are close together. Before it was a common occurrence in shotgun fights for one person to go through the map and pop back out due to the hit detection/desync. With 3rd person the fights are at a further distance much more often and viola, nobody is going through the map. This tells me the issue of close combat will not be solved and most likely the reason melee can not be implemented. For me this means the closer together people are the worse the game runs, the more people together likewise. 5s takes the biggest hit as obviously there are many occasions where 2-3 teams are battling it out with 15 people in a small vicinity. Will the smaller map help this, I hope so.
  4. jgolenbo Community Relations

    This is meaningful feedback, but I would add that we have spent a LOT of time (and resources) on the new map, and a lot of the testing, experimentation, optimization etc over the last few months has been focused on making sure it's 1) fun, 2) balanced, and 3) performs well. We know as with any massive/meaningful content update, there will be bugs and other issues that surface once hundreds of thousands of players get their hands on it, but our immediate focus is monitoring and improving the Quality of Life on Outland (which, by extension, includes tackling some of the issues and bugs that will improve the overall experience on all modes on all maps).
  5. JernejK1 Member

    I haven't had a chance to really try out the new map, I just played one quick match yesterday. One thing I noticed is the graphics seem better on the new map.

    I must say I was very disappointed to see the fall damage removed, though. Fall damage required an additional layer of planning, as you knew you couldn't just jump off a roof/cliff to escape a fight.
  6. Punk_Out Member

    Jumping off a cliff or roof is my new tactic when I have 4 or 5 people landing with me and for some messed up reason they all have a Commando. No idea why there are so many of those and only one or maybe two Hell Fires.
  7. RuTH0X Member

    Just saying, the map is now 4 x 4... Which is 1/6 of what it used to be.. with the "safe zone" circle, it maes it smaller than a FFA map.. with twice the ppl (100 instead of 50) and no respawn.. worst map update ever.. Rounds aren't 20 mins anymore, not sure how long, but probably around 10 mins..

    I don't even understand.. and no more falling damage? wtf? WHY ? I don't even think ONCE I have seen on this forum (or the old one) somebody asing to remove it... Random ****...

    In softwarre programming, there's a saying... GIGO.. Garbage In, Garbage Out... With ****** ideas like that, how can it creates a Great game...

    Anyway... It'll take a couple of days/weeks to cool myself down, maybe Ill see advantages to this crap.. I wanted to buy the BP, nope.. I wont.. so sad, I wanted to buy myself a PS4 ONLY for this game, now, I won't for sure.. Ill continue playing on my friend's one.. so sad..

    4 x 4 LOL omg..

  8. JernejK1 Member

    Here's my opinion after playing today:

    The graphics (lighting, trees, grass...) look much better. The game seems to run slightly better as well, but it's too soon to say for sure.

    Now for the negative stuff:

    The two new weapons are boring. Basically a slightly different looking AR and KH. Even the sights look exactly the same. I realize they are probably designing new weapons, but for season 5, they could've come up with a more original weapon or two to start off the season.

    Fall damage has been removed, which sucks in my opinion. Previously, you could for example position yourself on higher ground, but knew you'd be in trouble if someone attacked you from behind, now you can just jump down and escape.

    The map is WAY too small. It's small in general, but the safe zone, even at the start of a match, is tiny! I liked the slightly slower pace of the game, now it feels like FFA. No planning, no rush and excitement when you wonder if there are enemies nearby. Just run and gun. It doesn't feel like a battle royale game anymore, more like a regular arena type shooter.

    Also, I don't know if the damage on weapons has been increased, but I die instantly, despite having a helmet and body armor.

    Lastly, the issue of 3rd person ADS (which I suspect has something to do with the damage issue I mentioned above) - it has to go. It requires so much less skill and anyone can just kill you instantly. At least with first person ADS, I knew the player killing me with an AR was skilled, now everyone can do it with ease.

    Lots of players were asking for a new map, but with this one, you've strayed so far away from what H1Z1 used to be, that it feels like a whole new game.

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