Finally Recieved Stamp-Missions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lPolitics, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. lPolitics Member

    Finally, I get to taste the glory that is so called "stamp mission" ! I wonder why it took so long to reach my profile, nevertheless...
  2. stevey66 Member

    Hey Mech - at least for me I can confirm that - I went away with family for 10 days in week 3 and when I got back the Stamp Missions were suddenly there - went from Tier 68 to Tier 100 in two days with them
  3. lPolitics Member

    Can't confirm that, being that I play the game everyday.
  4. MRLEGEND69 Member

    i stopped playin for approximately 7-10 days and got the stamp missions
  5. Shad0w New Member

    So could you or some1 plz explain what these stamp missions are....I'm so confused.
  6. Shad0w New Member

    Well....nvm lol I got the FAMOUS STAMPS! lol: Update: my Stamp missions now sadly wont register as me completing them even tho a pop up comes up saying so but I dont get the BP for it.
  7. lPolitics Member

    But what you do get are free crates if you complete enough challenges...
  8. Shad0w New Member

    Yup only chaos and arsenal. Its glitched. I want the apocalypse.
  9. lPolitics Member

    lol exactly
  10. Shad0w New Member

    What are you two bums on about. That I'd rather not glitch gane and have it work properly? Bots that destroy u guys none stop.
  11. Shad0w New Member

    Are u ******** lol, talking down to me like ur remotely ok . Yes I like free Things yet I want the apocalypse crate to get ak and not the same thing dupe from other crates.