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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dockerz1989, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Dockerz1989 New Member

    If always defend h1 and say it will improve, but for the first time I actually don't feel it. If put hours and hours into duos for the leaderboard stats to be reset. I now fall through the map more then ever, deathmatch still lags. Teleporting still happends, enter the game way before other players or enter later. Driving a quad and all of a sudden it's gone and I'm not running? This is the first time in felt like not to ***** to play it as much and try something else. I know its a free game but surely by now it could be improved
  2. wilfrea1216 New Member

    i just played 2 ffa games straight, where when i died, i couldnt respawn, it only showed my aiing reticle and the camera was frozen. pause button still worked for me to exit games but dam 2 games in a row? these bugs are annoying af
  3. Dockerz1989 New Member

    You don't even get anything for winning ffa
  4. wilfrea1216 New Member

    i hear you. but dont forget that is the battle royale genre training your mind to think every game mode needs something like a victory crate. think about it, before battle royale, any free for all game across many shooters like halo or call of duty, only give XP for winning a free for all. we are so used to getting something from winning in battle royales that we sort of think we deserve an present for every game mode. it just dont work like that. they need to add leaderboards for free for all
  5. User543378447 New Member

    How do I like this post?
  6. Maggwar Member

    Fix FFA its bugged after getting kill this challenges are impossible to accomplish.
  7. lPolitics Member

    Think about it, this game has been out for a year for PS4 and look at the state of it. This games dead....sorry to say Developers don't care tbh