Falling through ground when parachuting into game

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by User543378447, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. User543378447 New Member

    Since you guys released season1 of H1Z1 there has been an issue with parachute landing.
    Sometimes it seems a landing approach can’t be too fast or off camber otherwise you fall through the ground and get “killed by environment” or “falling” or sometimes even “toxic gas”. Other times it seems it doesn’t matter what I do, I just fall through the ground over and over and over again, it’s really frustrating!

    After putting in a ticket to customer support you guys tell me this is the first you hear of this happening and to put in a bug report here in forum - hopefully I will receive a reply here that it’s being addressed, so many other bugs reported here not receiving feedback... disappointing.
  2. stevey66 Member

    This has been happening for a long time and they know about it. If I go plummeting full tilt I will go through map - when you fall hold up on right stick near end - so you fall as softly as possible and gently touch down - works every time
  3. User543378447 New Member

    Thanks Stevey, I haven’t been on much this wknd but I’ll see how it goes... glad I’m not the only one experiencing issues as besides telling me a request for compensation “transcends” customer support (lol) they said it is the first report they’ve had.
    My original email to support was quite the rant but I thinned it down in an attempt to keep the bug report on point!