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    The leader-board is a joke. None of your kill counts are correct. I have tracked my own kills as well as my fellow players and they all agree the counts are not being tracked properly. If there is one thing that should be most important its our kill counts. But just like most important key issues you overlook the most important things your CUSTOMERS (ive bought a battle pass sadly) ask for and give us CAT SUITS? Still OP shotguns and cross-bows. You gave us a survey and I'm sure the consensus was the same. When will you listen?
  2. Disappointed Cust#99999 New Member

    how about we change the name to SHOTGUN Wins! This game is pathetic. A first level weapon should never have more power than a green, purple, or gold? WTH! People should be leaving this game in droves. I hope Daybreaks' bottom-line shows its lack of listening to their consumers.