Everything in the marketplace should also be available for credits

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cole_MacGraft, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Cole_MacGraft Member

    You are not fortnite stop trying to be no one is buying these skins for $20-$30 people the marketplace has turned into the crown store now and it’s disgusting how money hungry you are 80% of the “new” content is behind a paywall you guys are a joke. If half of this was in the bp I would have gladly dropped $15 on it but your lust for money ruined it again. Everything you sell in the marketplace should be available for credits you sell bits and pieces of outfits for credits instead of having the Whole set available you choose what you want sold for credits and that stupid. I’m not saying don’t sell them for crowns I’m just saying there should be an option for credits and crowns in the marketplace for every item in the marketplace
  2. TyrellCorp New Member

    Yeah. The battle pass skins (I think only two character skins!?) are garbage. The tier 100 item is nothing worth grinding for. Let alone I've only played 7 games and I'm already halfway there? Wtf. I wish they would have added more appealing things to it. Instead, they put the good stuff in separate transactions. Super lame. Not to mention I've gotten about 6 season 5 crates and 3 were dupes so far. Someone would have to spend a ton of money to obtain all the new skins. It's sad that they want to milk the game like this. But hey, wait 3 months and all these skins will be in a "best of" 75% off crate!

    It's a bit pointless to earn a bunch of credits through the battle pass and most of the market place items can't even be purchased.
  3. Punk_Out Member

    Making them go bankrupt will not improve the game. The staff meed to get paid too. Don't forget people get paid to improve the game. The more revinue they get the more money they will have to hire more people to beta test and fix the game.

    The cost pf cosmetic items could be reduced a bit though. When you do the math and see how much one outfit can cost in $ amounts it makes people not want to buy them. I do admit there is one item I totally want to buy but I am just going to wait for a giant marketplace sale before I buy anything. Still got over 2000 crowns and I just don't see anything at the right price worth buying.

    I do not think items should be sold for credits. It is easy to lvl up the battle pass so that means it is easy to obtain star coins once you have completed the battle pass. I know player with 60,000 star coins from Victory crate duplicates and the weekly challenges from previous seasons. If everything was purchable witj star coins or red skull coins then this game would not make any money at all. This would then bring 0 revinue for the game and would eventually stop updates from coming out and would stop them from fixing bugs ina timely fashion.
  4. RuTH0X Member

    I think the point should be to reward the players who played that much...
  5. Cole_MacGraft Member

    My thought exactly. We get credits for dups but they give u almost nothing to use it on all the good stuff is just crowns. If an item is 2000 crowns it should cost like 12000 credits people got the credits. From all the dups over the pass months. And with no update to win crates of you don't wanna spend money you are short with this game not everyone can drop $20-$30 on a skin
  6. Punk_Out Member

    Items that were being sold for crowns last season have been seen on the markerplace for star coins. Wait for the next rotation and you might get the chance to get the police skin for the Racer.

    I am still laughing at everyone wanting more free stuff for a free game. There just cosmetic items. If you are truly passio ate about this game put some money towards it. If you don’t the game will never get better.

    I could go on and on about revenue but for a game to expand and build to something better they need money. How do you guys think fortnite became what it is today? By players investing in it. A profitable game can hire more staff. Have more people moderating the forums and other social media pages. You want someone to fix bugs or look at your suggestions. Well they need to hire staff for that stuff.
  7. Cole_MacGraft Member

    If the game put out something decent and didnt try to **** my wallet in the process maybe i would spend the cash. i was ready to drop money on the new battle pass until it came out and i saw it was a**. the problem isnt not wanting to spend money. its making it seem like its money well spent. and lootboxs and $30 for one skin isnt money well spent. i understand a free game needs to make money but there are ways to do it without upsetting the fan base or seeming money hungry and daybreak has been losing in this area since after season 3.