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  1. MrJFouch New Member

    We really aren't complaining about this enough on the forums.

    We are literally starting games with 50+ players, while we are waiting in the loading screen between the drop-in, the game is loading / potentially dropping the other 50 players, or vice versa, in to the map.

    I played about 5-6 games yesterday evening and EVERY SINGLE DROP there were already people hitting the ground as I was dropping in to the map.

  2. Squeaky___P Member

    It's the biggest problem with H1Z1 at the moment. Nothing's worse than landing and running into a warehouse or building to loot up only to be slaughtered by a fully kitted opponent.
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    The problem is not that people are not talking about the various issues that plague h1z1, it's that the developer daybreak and it's team don't take these issues or your comments seriously. Sure they fixed the server issue in Europe fairly fast but only because it meant that players wouldn't be buying skins or packs etc.
    It's quite astonishing that simple stuff like this isn't fixed within a few days of the initial report.
  4. MrJFouch New Member

    You're probably right. I just haven't seen anyone talking about it on the forums at all, and I've been meaning to say something about it since the release of season 3 but just haven't because I feel like it's a waste of time.

    But, I will never forget what LT. Toast said on Fort Destiny, and this will always stay with me "We don't know if you don't tell us."

    They don't know, because they don't play their game. They simply don't have time to play their games when bouncing between all of the other projects they are working on. Therefore, they can't know what issues are inside of the game unless they check the forums or their emails once or twice a season.

    So I figured it would be best that I post this on here since I haven't heard many people talk about it.
  5. AlhpaBravos Member


    That one of the biggest ironies ever lol. Too many people including myself asking paybreak patiently and pleasantly to fix various issues since season 1. Well it doesnt get fixed and patience or respect is running thin at the moment.
    People have been talking about this issue of early drops but its in other threads.
    And just to give you some perspective on other developers, Bioware behind the trainwreck "Anthem" have fixed over 200 bugs and issues since its recent release. Daybreak are not a poor company so theres no excuse for this BS. And that what there full of...excuses!
  6. Carmen696 Member

    Been playing this game every day since it came out in june last year, but havent played in a week now bcs I think the crossbow broke the game. Today I played 2 squads game with some friends and died both times to the crossbow. Wont be playing anymore until the damn crossbow is fixed.

    If the next update ( which they havent told us anything about) doesnt fix the crossbow Im deleting this game.
  7. Maggwar Member

    I just came to this to tell the same and there is a treat going on so its a real problem FIX THIS ISSUE DB. Ruining the experience while doing little about it!!!
  8. 2high2die420 Member

    As long as I get the early drop I’m cool with it lol
  9. Miniker Member

    I agree.
  10. vhdustin Member

    i don't know, i like the randomness. sometimes you are the beneficiary of the early drop in and can get dibs on a crate.
  11. AlhpaBravos Member

    Yeah it's so fun when the person drops in before you to the only vehicle for miles. I instant quit. Fix this bs please, like yesterday.
  12. vhdustin Member

    why would you instant quit? sometimes it's fun to have to go on foot a bit to find a vehicle. i don't know, maybe it's just me, but i don't want every match to be exactly the same, there's already so much repetition in this type of game, it's good to change up. if i land at the same time as someone and they jump on the quad before me, oh well, time to grab a gun and go on. don't rage quit just cause you didn't get a vehicle in the first five seconds of a match.
  13. AlhpaBravos Member

    I play this game almost everyday since the beta. I know all aspects of h1z1 including my limits. If you land on the outer fringes of this map like I often do then to walk for half the game is not something I'm prepared to do. Especially where I can get into another game within 3mins by just quiting. But what I do is not the issue. It's the early drop ins that do not level the playing field.
  14. MrJFouch New Member

    I think the issue has actually been fixed. They added more time in the pregame lobby, which I assume allows all 100 players to properly load into the game in a reasonable amount of time.

    I have yet to see anyone on the ground, or even seen anyone dropping late since the last patch update.

    They didn't mention anything about fixing this issue, but it's fixed, so I am happy about that.
  15. vhdustin Member

    i'm sorry, i didn't consider your expertise