Driving Optimization

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lPolitics, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. lPolitics Member

    Yo, something really needs to be done about the driving in this game. It's like you flip while driving on solid flat ground from nothing like wtf...
  2. TKGriffiths New Member

    It's more terrain optimization than driving optimization. The vehicle physics are pretty decent, aside from ATVs rolling forever if they're off balance on any kind of slope.

    The tyres do have some grip you know, real ATVs don't roll down any kind of slight incline like some kind of frictionless barrel.
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    Yeah its why they should kill this map on ps4. Im hoping the new one will be optimized specifically for the console as i feel i am constantly fighting the environment while trying to get to the final circle. The quad bike definitely suffers the most when heading towards drops, passing over curbs, or sneaking up on players.
  4. Shad0wReaper1004 New Member

    I think the game has damn near flawless driving compared to say the grotesque mess that is pubg. Sometimes the cars do seem light. Like it's a feather nd theyll flip outta nowhere.