Destination Markers, Refillable Vehicles, Team Callouts, etc.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CARLOSproduce, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. CARLOSproduce New Member

    Excuse the length, efficiency post here. Please +1 any of my points if you agree.

    M1 Socom - IMHO this gun doesn't quite meet the purple tier standard. A decrease in recoil or slight bump in damage would be ideal
    Loot Spots - The cabins and camp trailers only have pistols, if anything at all. It's a bit frustrating to pass by such a cool camp site, knowing it's a waste of time to stop over there (other than the off chance of finding a military crate).

    ~In no specific order, PLEASE GIVE US;
    Team Callouts (ex. destination markers, ammo requests, med supplies, etc.)
    New Map / Locations
    Refillable gas tanks in vehicles **with functioning gas station pumps**
    Bring back Beta exlusive gear, perhaps for a special event?
    New guns that use .45 ammo and 4.6mm ammo (or new guns in general)

    As always, thank you DayBreak for the free sugar-honey-ice-tea!
  2. LegendBeard New Member

    Very nice ideas in my opinion! I just dont like the refillable gas tanks in vehicles idea. With the crossbow, Daybreak finally managed to keep cars under control. That gas tank idea would ruin it again.
  3. CARLOSproduce New Member

    You make a good point. I got too caught up in the idea of having a functioning gas station lol
  4. MRLEGEND69 Member

    good points soldier, i like where your mind is
  5. Dockerz1989 New Member

    Good points , also maybe add skins for cop cars from different countrys
  6. Miniker Member

    About loot in camp trailers: maybe good option are accessories for pistols(to be found separately). Bigger magazine on ammo for pistol it better situation.