Dear Daybreak regarding Just Survive.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Just Survive, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Just Survive New Member

    The Just Survive Community have still some hopes left for the return of Just Survive.

    The game has so much potential in the game market cause there is besides rust no other competition in this special game genre. A massive online PVP, basebuilding, raiding survival game.

    We had so much hope when Nantg announced they will aquire the rights to work on Just Survive and implement it to Z1br togheter as one game. In the recent news regarding Nantg giving the game (Z1br) back to Daybreak our hope sunk below 0,1%.

    We know that player numbers are necessary for keeping a game up. The latest Just Survive numbers werent good cause the Blackwater Canyon Update which changed Just Survive into a new game. Short overview about the update

    - 1/4 playable new map mainly forest, hills and small camps. Removing of Z1
    - new base building which doesnt fitted in to the game there also there was no balance at all
    - to many restrictions. Limited container bulks, Car bulks etc.
    - 99% focus on PVE elements, ruining the PVP elements for PVP players (majority)
    - Safe zones
    - to many items in the loot table and random spawns made looting rng and boring
    - tier system

    and much more.

    The old Just Survive pre BWC update had solid foundation to work on togheter with the community to become big. Sadly the full potential of the game couldnt archived cause many years without a dev team and in the end a big not well recived update by the community which changed the whole game.

    Please Daybreak bring back Just Survive pre BWC update. You will get a stable playersbase which you can work with to go forward to recive big archivements.

    "We take our relationship with our players and each other seriously. The conversation is open and focused on the pulse of our players and of the industry."

    Prove it us

    Your passionate Just Survive Community.
  2. Trolle New Member

    People bought the game just because of H1Z1/Just Survive, not because of Battle Royal. I hope they bring this game back again! Battle Royal will sooner or later die, because it's boring. And after all, they will sooner or later again LOSE money. So please Daybreak, think about your fans! Not about your pockets.

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