daybreak wtf is with these crates selling old stuff we've had for months

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cole_MacGraft, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Cole_MacGraft Member

    what is the logic behind this like really. are u guys even gamers u telling me the ppl at daybreak play games and are like oooooo i need this outfit in a different color or the same version wtf is happening over there
  2. TyrellCorp New Member

    I don't like how they're offering items that should have been in the vault.. also, moving forward I hope they have crates as no duplicates or just sell entire outfits.. their crate system is garbage, always has been.. I'd actually spend money on the game if I were guaranteed to receive something (such as grinding for an item on battle pass).. ive never spent money on the random item crates with dupes
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    Tyrellcorp when h1z1 was released as beta on PS4, I used to read the comments on the pc Reddit regarding daybreak and didn't want to believe that this would happen on PS4 because it was a different audience and much larger market.
    How wrong I was. Despite my enthusiasm and possitive contributions in the original daybreakn forum, I have watched this amazing game been torn apart bit by bit by the ineptitude of a company that has no business in the game industry.
    Perhaps they can turn things around but at this point it's highly unlikely. I know I have no proof of this but I think dyabreaks next move is to bring h1 to mobile smartphone and tablet market. That assumption is based on changes made to h1 economy over last couple of seasons which is testing to see how far they can push people in a free game. Whether it's true or not hopefully you will appreciate why people have little faith in the game or the treacherous company behind h1z1.

    The only business that daybreak is fit to run is a prison. Even then they would have UN critisizing them for human rights violations.
  4. TyrellCorp New Member

    I like the game and will continue to purchase the battle passes. I'll only make purchases when I know I'll get something. I'm about $50 deep into a free game that has given me hours upon hours of gameplay (more than other AAA games I've spent $60 on). So, I'm not super upset. The game isn't perfect, but I still spend time on weekends playing it. I understand that devs need to get paid and free gaming relies on skin purchases and what not. Many people may be more impulsive in purchasing randomized crates than I am (which is what's wrong with the gaming industry). Once they come out with the new map, it'll keep the game going for me. But like I said, I'm not gonna trash a company for providing me with plenty of hours of gameplay for $50. I'd say most people on the forum here have put a ton of hours into a free game that doesn't force anyone to spend a dime on. Just don't spend anything on the random item crates, that's my philosophy.
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    Theres this mentality that because a game is free it is not subject to any standards or critisizms. It is exactly this mindset that allows companies to get away with all kind of unprofessional behaviours and inactions. It is disappointing to see a new generation of gamers who are trapped in this kind of mentality where they are effectively excusing their abusers.
    When you sink in over hundred hours or more into a game and almost nothing is done to address the concerns of the user base, this is usually an indication that something is fundamentally wrong. And this applies to both free and paid games e.g Anthem.
  6. TyrellCorp New Member

    I'm 34 years old and not a part of a new generation of gamers. My positive experiences far outweigh the negative ones with this game. That's the only way I can judge it. I can read about all the negative about H1, but the only beef I have with it are the random crates with duplicates. As far as problems with gameplay, I seldomly have any. So when I say I feel comfortable with what I've paid, compared to the enjoyment I've gotten out of it, I'm justified with my assessment.
  7. AlhpaBravos Member

    That's is a fair point and no one can take that away from you but it's still very much a subjective one. When you make post not understanding why members here can be quite toxic, it is a statement that misunderstands the big picture of what the actual sentiment is with h1z1 and rising tide of anger and frustration towards daybreak. You may be 34 but the impression I get is that you are a casual player with no real stake in the game. That is not a Critisms in anyway but it's hard to take people seriously who think daybreaks only problem lies with its loot boxes. I refer you again not only to posts here but on twitter and Facebook and Reddit.
  8. TyrellCorp New Member

    I referred to other members as toxic, because that's what they are. They've had zero positive input and attack everything and everyone involved with the game. Which was my point on the other post you have referred to. If the game charged $60 out the box and still had these issues, then maybe I wouldn't be standing up for it like I am. The devs salaries are paid through the sale of skins, battle passes and crates; not through game sales. So naturally they'll spend more time on them rather than other issues. The biggest issues since beta that I know of are a rare occurrence for me (e.g. falling through the map, latency and such). I'm not quite casual and not quite hard core but I play a lot. I think I've fallen through the map twice in over a thousand games since beta. However I've had 98% of games end without a single problem. You only read about these problems more on websites because people only hit the internet to complain far more than they do to praise. Again, I can only judge the game on my OWN experience and not that of others.
  9. AlhpaBravos Member

    You claim that you play on weekend mostly. You are a casual player. The slight difference is that you have taken the time to create an account here and add your two cents. Usually i would say its nice to have a counter balance in any kind of discussion but you are very much a minority in this forum.

    Your also over simplify how daybreak staff get paid and imagine loot boxes are not the only metric by which they make money. We would both need access to daybreaks finances to determine the actual truth on this matter so not interested in speculating on this.

    What i do know factually is that there is a building movement around the world where loot boxes are being outright banned e.g Beligum or be subjected to a lot of scrutiny and debate USA UK,ETC.
    Companies like daybreak can not be left alone to regulate themsevles because whenever business do that it usually spells disaster for employees and customers.

    And then there you go again only talking about your personal experiences versus people, angry and upset enough to ask daybreak what the hell is going on and why wont you do something about this.
    Your completely dismissing pretty much everyone with your narrow and limited point of view.
    You have no idea what ive experienced since beta or the 100s of users that have come here to share their experiences and views on h1z1.

    Your basically a hypocrite. Your experience is the only one that matters so automatically everyone else on the interent with a genuine problem is toxic or some sort of troll. Seriously consider joining Daybreak PR team. They would love it.
  10. TyrellCorp New Member

    It is not toxic to voice your criticism or problems you have with the game. The toxic behavior is when topics start with calling the devs "fagg*ts" and wishing death upon people (which happens on here). That's toxic. I find it ironic that you call me the hypocrite when you seem to have so many problems with the game, devs and Daybreak, yet you still continue to play the game as much as you claim. And even go as far to post on the forums every day. If you disliked it so much and hate the developer with a passion, then just don't play. It's been a a year almost now and all your problems haven't been solved, then just let it go. In the end, you are the hypocrite.
  11. AlhpaBravos Member

    Actually i havent played the game since end of season 3. I gave this game a fair shot and this is about as much as i can take. I Still make posts on this forum and elsewhere because it is my right to do so. As an example, just because i am dismayed with my political party, doesnt mean i wont continue to debate and contribute to ongoing discussions.

    You only seem to be able to hold thoughts that operate in light and dark spectrum. There are no shades of gray with you or nuance. I wont be lectured by you on what i should do with my time. Dictators determine what people should think or feel or do.

    I done debating with you anyway. It clear to me what the problem is.

    I have nothing but sympathy for those who express themselves in a certain way on this forum. It mostly justified. I only say that this anger and frustation should be more directed at Daybreak and less at each other.