DAYBREAK WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?! (teaming rant)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cole_MacGraft, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Cole_MacGraft Member

    every match I played today had ppl teaming LIKE 5 TEAMS IN ONE SOLO MATCH. teaming was bad BUT it's GETTING OUT OF HAND why is there no report button yet? and is anything being done about cheating and i really dont wanna hear we can't address what actions we take because that's trash. if I don't see any reply to this that sounds like something is really being done. im done with h1 between the huge number of teaming now, the crossbow and all the other crap going down this game is becoming more stressful and annoying than fun.
  2. MechAArmA Member

    Yeah i will post that 5 guys squad , i got some other clips but 2 players teaming , i won't lose time with them , but i really want to expose the 5 squad in solo , i got mutliple tapes from them , Daybreak , what is the sanction for 5 guys teaming on solo ? If no answers im won't post that here or even report that and just let them to do their business .
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    Paybreak won't reply to this thread. If they do it's only to report this info to their email. There's no transparency on this matter so even if you report the cheaters how would you know if anything was done. Would be good to know how many cheaters were banned or faced consequences since season 1. Apex legends Devs have banned 1000s of cheaters since launch and made this very public. Paybreak should do the same to show they take this matter seriously.
    I think there is a connection between an increase in cheating and a game that is slowly dieing or where players no longer care about the game. Also where developer​ is weak and takes little responsibility for their product.
  4. MechAArmA Member

    Yeah i totally agree Alpha , back in S2 i remember this guy EIRE-DRIFTER or something close from that , he was constantly wall glitching , the guy was on the leaderboards for weeks and weeks , im not even opening a thread about reseting stats of glitchers / teamers , many questions are going through that , Daybreak should do something like adding a "Teamer" icon close from the player's name so people are humiliated , and also removed from leaderboards and carreer , that's the kind of deepness concerning sensible topics that Daybreak won't enter in unfortunately , it has been problematic since release but guess what , im not gonna waste 20 minutes clipping , uploading and sharing teamers since idk if they are even looking and acting concerning that .
    In the other hand i even want to congrats teamers , they gonna destroy the game and after 1yr and a half devs are gonna react once the game is dead , even more dead .

    Here's how to fix that Daybreak , i posted it months ago , create an algorythm that detect the non hostility from 2 close players , based on distance , time and if both player's axis aren't shooting after multiple "camera's axis" collisions , let's call that this way , so at this moment your algorythm can start recording eventually and then you got a clip directly on your servers , i mean it didn't sound easy but it could save you some time , and also you'll be able to decide to ban or not depending the situation .

    But without explanations from you guys , and clear numbers regarding bans or eventual IP bans , then i won't report the dozen more clips i got .
  5. BIPOLAR314 New Member

    Lol fives is getting toxic. I always have to run to vehicles cause I trust my teammates want to play. They just leave ya behind. 3 guys in party chat that don't care about the other players. I just go get a crossbow and some grenades. Blow the vehicles up so everyone walks.
  6. RuTH0X Member

  7. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Seconding this post - the link for H1Z1 and Z1BR help is the same, you can report cheaters and teaming here:

    I want to add, screenshots or (preferably) video are VERY helpful particularly for H1Z1 on PS4, as have to go through Sony for any fairplay violations (H1Z1 PS4 accounts are linked to your PSN account, versus on PC where your game account is linked to your DB account). Clips or video of cheating or teaming on this thread works as well, it helps our fairplay team to have evidence to submit to Sony.
  8. Cole_MacGraft Member

    add a report button into the game where the game records the match up until submitting the claim. have to make a clip and upload it to you is beyond annoying with the number of times i run into cheaters on a daily bases like really
  9. AlhpaBravos Member

    YES! 100% on this feature. long over due for a report button. Its not really my job to record cheaters and follow up with a report that involves numerous steps.Time it actually takes,i could be playing h1z1 which all i want to do after coming back from work or where i have spare time.
  10. Miniker Member

    This option it more time on report than fast and traditional report system with many games.
  11. lPolitics Member

    check out this clip of me winning a solo match when the enemies were teaming, but we are in solo's remember that lol. 1:30 sec clip
  12. MRLEGEND69 Member

    if daybreak banned a 1000 players they would lose like half of their players base lmao, game is a joke
  13. MechAArmA Member

    Teaming has really increase recently , last night i had to deal with teamers for almost all my games , jgolenbo , here's my question , is there something you could do about that , im talking about an in game sanction, not only PSN ban, im talking about removing the cosmetics, ranks , stats or ip ban , because it's getting out of control
  14. lPolitics Member

    Cant stop it. Tbh, I just take it as a challenge lol
  15. MechAArmA Member

    There's a solo vs fives option for a challenge , it's like the game was setting your car on fire in a middle of a chase or fight , there's nothing really challenging about that tbh , let's try to see what a five teamers squad dropping rain of bolts on you then you'll see it's not about a challenge , im playing the ranks as you can imagine ,so im not playing to get some low iq trashs having some fun and acting with no honor in my games , it's a disrespect towards the rules .
    Im sure jgolenbo can find a way to do something about that .
  16. Carmen696 Member

    Here is a short clip of teamers i met last night.

  17. Miniker Member

    Don't will be more players if situation don't will be better. Why must implore about elements which eliminates pathologies which are in every game online?.

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