Daybreak company is almost done

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MechAArmA, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. MechAArmA Member

    Hey guys , as a huge fan of DBG i wanted to share some love with you devs , i really wish you good luck for your next job , i mean tbh i hope Justin got his @ss out of Daybreak !
    That company need to be erased once and for all :)
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    I haven't posted in weeks. Just signed in to join this post. We were both top ranked players since beta and just watched as daybreak destroyed their own game. There was plenty of fantastic feedback on the forums by the players but this incompetent company did nothing to address the issues or concerns. I have never seen a game get recked in less than a year. Only daybreak could achieve this.
    For all the new users wondering why this forum is dead has everything to do with daybreak incompetence and lack of engagement with its own community. H1z1 was a cash grab from the start.
  3. Nowaskii New Member

    I remember mech was a ranked player ye sad to see people like you guys leaving the game and a lot more pro players this game had so much potential goddammit don’t understand you let it come so far a. Money grab game for real.. peace out *******
  4. Professor_Q New Member

  5. MechAArmA Member

    And that's a good reason for not spending a dollar in it!
    I mean we all know DB story, look at the pc version , it's technically alive but dead still , we need this to happen on the PS4 version .
  6. JernejK1 Member

    The only thing that would make me come back is them putting the old map back. However, I'm wondering what season six will bring. Recolored skins from the previous seasons? Weapons that are so similar to the ones we already have that it almost seems like the developers couldn't care less about adding new content apart from taking old stuff and changing it visually (like the auto AR... err, the Commando rifle)? Maybe they will shrink the starting circle even more? Introduce aim assist in 3rd person ADS? More lag and bugs? The possibilities are endless, can't wait to see how they screw this game up further.
  7. mayster91 New Member

    Completly agreed with U guys. I cant belive that game with so mutch potential to develop it in many different ways are almost wasted... 60 players in fives at peak time?!?!

    Product cant be popular without upgrades, without updates in correct ways so it cant bring more money to the devs but seems theyre sleeping on money right now...

    I wish to myself and U that season 6 won't bring more issues, fps drops, sound bugs etc and they just fix everything instead of all other stuff like skins in new colors or something. Oh, sorry, skins in different colours still bringing them some money so I suggest to everybody to stop buying this ****...

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