Daily Challenges, daily login, stamp missions, star coins and master coins NOT WORKING!

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by alienwork, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. alienwork New Member

    As post says, for over a week my daily challenges, daily login and stamp missions as well as star coins aren't working. My weekly challenges seem to be working except I do not get the star coins for completing them. It awards the coins but they do not register to my total coin count. I haven't been getting my Master coins for daily login now or before this bug started either. I'm literally out Thousands of star coins and well over 20 master coins not to mention there is no point playing if it's all for nothing. Is there a fix in the works Jgolenbo?
  2. NEMM13 New Member

    All that plus duplicate out of victory crates not registering coins displayed.
  3. alienwork New Member

    Great update....... NOT!!! Nothing works STILL!!! Even more broke as I'm not even getting coins at all for challenges that don't work. You should change your name from Daybreak games to Gamebreak games

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