Daily challenges are not working again!

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Punk_Out, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. Punk_Out Member

    I restart my app over and over again and the Duos Berserker challenge would not add any completed Duos matches to the counter. I switched an old challenge from the last map with that one and it will not complete it.

    Also, daily challenges from the last map should of auto-switched to new challenges. Had to waste 2 chances to switch out my Daily Challenges because those old challenges were still there.
  2. Punk_Out Member

    Related to Daily Challenges there is another bug. The challenge for "getting in the top 10 2 times" is also not working.

    Also, the daily challenges for the previous map are popping up and when you go to exchange a challenge with another you sometimes get one for the previous map.
  3. Punk_Out Member

    Experience Survivor does not work at all. Close your app or trying it another day doesn't do anything.
  4. Punk_Out Member

    "Amazing Solo - Survive within the Top 20 with at least 2 kills in Solos" does not work as well.