Daily challenges and Special offer marketplace

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LucaBrasi, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. LucaBrasi Member

    So I reached tier 100 and been focusing on daily challenges to get master coins, but lately, normally one of the challenges don't unlock, and now today NONE of my daily challenges are unlocking so what's the point? Not to mention that my win in duos doesn't register in my "Hall Of Fame" challenges. I've reported this a month ago and have heard absolutely nothing. I see people say it's a "free game" well with all the money I've put into playing every season, buying crates, skins, etc. It's the most expensive game I have, and to not get a response back on not be able to get credit on the challenges I'm completing is frustrating to say the least, especially when there's never been a problem with you being able to accept my money.

    Also. Why are you circulating the same things through the special offer market place? We have 48 days left in the season and are you planning on just keeping those things in rotation? The marketplace use to be awesome, and you guys have ruined it, plus you hand out credits that are worthless now because there's so little you can use them on.

    The dumbest thing is that I actually took the time to write this thinking someone from your team would read it and maybe make a effort to fix at least the challenges.