Daily Challenge Summation - The joys of H1Z1

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by stevey66, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Heres another one

    A summation of my Daily Challenge experience today

    1 Daily Challenge - Get 2 Kills with Heavy Assault

    Impossible - Heavy Assault is gone - BROKEN

    2 Replaced above - got the challenge - Collect 3 Commando's from Woodland - picked up 5 and nothing registers - BROKEN

    3 Get 30 kills in FFA - went in - got ATV - 11 kills - then died - frozen - would not respawn

    Tried 5 more times - every time I die - frozen - would not respawn - 5 games in a row - BROKEN

    We only get 3 challenges per day - and the above was my uplifting experience with H1Z1 today and my reward for completing the battle pass - which I paid for !!!!


    When are you people going to fix these problems ? This isn't a short training season any more - there are months to go


    Can you tell I've lost my patience ?

    J Golenbo - do you have anything cogent, constructive, meaningful, relevant, helpful even - to speak to the above ?!!

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