Custom controller bindings and changes to the HUD

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Wacky McSpankies, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Wacky McSpankies New Member

    How’s it going devs? I have a simple suggestion, and that is to add custom controller bindings, meaning that we’ll be able to change the certain essential controls that we believe would fit us best , which will benefit most, if not ALL players. I have another request, and that is to have the option of changing the HUD. Let me further elaborate on this, player’s should be given the option to either enable the scroll wheel to switch guns or have 4 slots that you can manually go to by pressing R1 and R2, just like most games. This format would be similar to the old one PC players used to have back in the old days of H1Z1 (I’m new to the H1Z1 scene, so excuse my ignorance), where players would just hit a certain key to switch their guns that are in 4 horizontal slots, but for us controller players, we should have the ability to press R1 and R2 to switch.
  2. Mason New Member

    Custom binds would be nice
  3. Wacky McSpankies New Member

    I agree 100%, I honestly think that the devs know for sure it will push the game into the right direction even further and increase the skill of the average player.
  4. Wacky McSpankies New Member

    btw, I meant pressing R1 and L1 to switch your guns, I messed up there.
  5. Dgkkush1993 Member

    What if they made it so you could use keyboard and mouse. Would be a total game changer ..
  6. HvideKanin New Member

    Personally I think the wheel is awesome. Pressing L1 and flicking the right stick is SUPER fast and you can switch to any weapon instantly. Just keep your weapons in the same slots all the time. Having an L1/R1 will never be as far.
    I agree players should have the option, but I really suggest using the wheel. And just out of curiosity, if you want the L1/R1 scroll. Where would put the grenade throw?
    And what other things would you change?