Crossbow Catastrophe

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kdot, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. kdot Member

    Daybreak can you please remove the crossbow. I can't even get in legit gun fights, or get competitive because the first thing these noobs(yes you reading) want to do is crossbow you to death. It's really annoying tbh, and I bet 90% of the H1 player base can agree. It's like this game doesn't even take skill anymore because of the crossbow, which is real gamebreaker for me, is the first thing they go to. I know you wanted to solve the "Everyone in vehicle most of the game problem" which is why you added the EMP to the crossbow. But something needs to be done.
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    Users here have been asking for a change to crossbow for ages now and still nothing, even with latest update. Someone attacked me recently and had 8 bolts. I couldnt get away in my vehicle because every time they just spammed the vehicle. So was stuck there bored for 5mins.
    Limit bolts to 3. No reason why anyone should have 8 bolts at begging of the game!
  3. kdot Member

    I rather play pubG
  4. AlhpaBravos Member

    I have considered this as well. What actually should be done is a company create a game that is a mixture of h1z1 and pubg. BR saturation hasnt hit its limit yet despite what news say. There is still another killer BR game waiting to be developed based on military genre.
    So a mixed arcade and simulated with vehicles and third person ads would do very well imo. Espcially if they get the style and feel right...
  5. lPolitics Member

    I remember when Daybreak moved the combat shotgun to lvl 2 crate only.they hould maybe consider doing the same thing with the crossbow. This game intails whoever get the crossbow first.
  6. iKeyonTheBeat New Member

    EMP effect only, limit 3 arrows. Done.
  7. Cole_MacGraft Member

    this guy gets it
  8. lPolitics Member

    quote="iKeyonTheBeat, post: 49255, member: 26925"]EMP effect only, limit 3 arrows. Done.[/quote]

    I like it.
  9. MechAArmA Member

    "EMP effect only" I think you don't realize what you are saying here , to make it simple , did you ever noticed a complain about crossbow before the EMP function ? I never saw that .
    EMP will allow Codrush that require no skill , so using Crossbow is the perfect tool against someone getting too close , devs should do that :

    Reduce the radius of EMP from 50%
    Reduce the max arrows to 3 ( 1 - 2 )
    Reduce the EMP timer to 7 seconds
    Regular bolts are now separated from EMP bolts
    EMP bolts are available into Purple tier
    Crossbow remain into Green tier ( Pressing R3 into crossbow will change ammo types )

    That change should "stabilize" the Crossbow and force people to go for green and purple .
    But i recommend doing something to shotguns too, and increase the AR15 bullet drop ffs !
    And please create some totally random crates spawns , give chances to every players , not only these that are playing daily , it's unfair .
  10. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks guys - I know this is running topic, and the crossbow meta is extremely divisive. We have discussed options such as moving to the crossbow to rare(lv2) crates a la combat shottie or limiting ammo.
  11. lPolitics Member

    make rare lvl 2 that would be awesome! I don't really understand the part when you say "a la combat shottie"
  12. MechAArmA Member

    He meant the same treatment than what happened for Combat Shotgun , purple tier .
    Reducing the ammo capacity could be better imo , like 1 / 3 or maybe 1 / 2 so it can only destroy one vehicle eventually
  13. AlhpaBravos Member

    Actually if you pay attention its not divisive. Majority in this forum is in favor of change with crossbow. There is never a unique thread of someone supporting it, saying how great it is. I dont know what your sources are elsewhere but here at the official forum, most are against it in current form.
  14. stevey66 Member

    Yes - this is true - close to consensus - we don't all agree on what exactly to do but just about all posters on these forums agree something needs to change with the crossbow - people must earn kills not just splash somewhere near someone pinned down - please remove splash damage - please limit bolts - emp on direct hit only or reduced emp area - limit the number in military crates - its impact (that CANNOT be avoided by a skilled driver) is too game changing and run-ending at the wrong moment - there has to always be a range of counters and here it is limited so there is no balance in the use of the crossbow - I can only imagine how it must have massively changed gameplay for those that do 5's
  15. ZIPZOP New Member

    Good morning everyone. This is my first time posting in the forums.

    Why does it seem like the crossbow is so vital to the game? Did the EMP nades not work as intended? Do EMP nades just need a buff?

    Not to mention the fact that if a player picks it up from a purple crate, with 3 arrows max, they have themselves a free kill + full armor if they just shoot around your feet twice (which is a situation I encounter multiple times daily). I also encounter players in close combat that will shoot an arrow at my feet in order to get just one cheap shotgun pump to kill me. I get that I can do the same but where is the skill? Where is the competitiveness? I understand that making it a purple level 2 item is an attempt fix the meta and I appreciate that its being considered, but I get a combat shotgun out of 70% of the ground crates I open (that’s a different discussion as well). Players adapt, they’ll carry multiple crossbows, they’ll have teammates carry more bolts for them. People may say I’m ranting and crying to much over this topic but from a daily players perspective, I’m gonna have to say people have come to rely on this weapon HEAVILY.

    Want to know what most of my solo games are like? And I play A LOT of solos. Let me throw a quick scenario out there. I cant tell you how many times I’m heading to the next zone and get cross bowed. There I am in an open field hiding behind my vehicle, trying to get a shot on this guy that only pokes his head out when his bow is reloaded and ready to shoot the next bolt, waiting for the EMP effect to go away as I’m being spammed with explosions. As I’m sitting there with 48 health and a burning cop car another player hears all these explosions. Cant hate the third party! Who is he going to target? Me? Weak, in an open field, next to a burning EMP’d cop car? Or the other guy, mobile with full health? You guessed it.

    That situation may have seemed very dramatic, but I’ve been in it far too many times. This is supposed to be a fast paced game. And it was. Before the crossbow meta. I would say a big majority of new players jump in solos first. I would hate for a new player to experience this. My thoughts to fix the meta would be to delete the item entirely. Vault it. So many players I know have left the game because of this weapon. The feedback is in your twitter comments, facebook comments, facebook groups. Please listen to the community. This weapon needs to be deleted.

    Like I mentioned above, I am all for an EMP nade buff. No one picks them up anymore it seems. Make the EMP effect last longer, increase the splash damage, whatever.

    I am a loyal player and will keep playing no matter what you guys do. These are just my thoughts. I feel like I play this game enough to give a real, non-biased opinion.

    Thank you :)
  16. Miniker Member

    I think if opponent have crossbow it your chance are low and similar to chance how oppent have rpg.
  17. RuTH0X Member

    I LOVE the xbow, before the EMP effect, I would NEVER take it, not worth the spot.. Now, I always take it..

    I agree, they could make 2 sets of bolt, 1 damage and 1 EMP, but I like it this way, and theoretically, if you have a golden weapon, there is no way the xbow would win the fight.. and you need to get some new skills to "avoid" or "run" from it.. which I also like.. its like a challenge to run from it.. and when I kill the xbower, it always makes me feel good..

    Have a nice day,

    Thank you
  18. lPolitics Member

    Well stated.

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