Crates are almost not a rip off. Make one more change & they will be perfect & 1 more thin

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cole_MacGraft, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Cole_MacGraft Member

    I think if you buy a crate for $50 you should get all the sets not just the one. paying $50 for one outfit is outrageous but if i were to get all the outfits the crate has to offer i would feel a little better about spending that much on crates. The same should apply for the lesser crates if i buy the $30 one i should get every set under that as well.

    This will only work for crate sets like the patriotic set crate and the vixen crate. other crates have alot off little things like skins and stuff. for that I say once you get something you should have a less of a chance to get it again like a major drop in the rate.

    Also you guys keep adding new skins and stuff which is nice but I dont like that all new skins are behind a pay wall maybe after the seasons are over the stuff from master crates can be moved to victory crates. these are just a few things ive been thinking about I really dont like all new skins being behind a pay wall (master coins, crowns, battle pass). I leaves nothing to grind for. and win crates are kinda worthless now. i win games but dont care because its not rewarding anymore.
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    I dont play Fortnite but from what i understand, your able to buy single items from their daily shop that rotate. That is literally the only thing that should be allowed. Better yet, you chose exactly what you want to pay for from a list.
    Any one here that promotes lootbox mechanics and contributes to this scandalous system is a moron and part of the problem. What i will remember about daybreak is that while countries like Belgium were banning loot boxes, this POS company didnt care that the wind was changing on this subject and continued to exploit its customer base.
    And another thing, these game companies that use there own special currency that force you to figure out what its worth is another BS mechanic that tries to confuse its user base. Whole thing is a scam.
  3. Cole_MacGraft Member

    yea you right only problem with fortnite is they charge alot for 1 skin lol. and yea that in game money crap is a pain i remember when stuff in game was like 0.99 for an item
  4. AlhpaBravos Member

    I understand that free game have to make money somehow and its usually from selling skins but expecting people to gamble their money and not even get the item they want is shocking to me. When there was a glitch in season three that let you collect arsenal crates for free, i must of opened over 300 of them and i was never able to complete the set. If i had paid for them, that would have cost $100s of dollars. How the f*** do people accept this?

    Items only should ever cost around $1 and then if you buy a pack of 10, you get a deal of $7 or something like this. Anything else is pure greed.