CNQ and Hellfire Smoke in Vision

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevey66, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. stevey66 Member

    Don't know if this is bugs or general - but now when in 3rd person ADS the CNQ is severely compromised - and Hellfire as well - an annoying cloud of white smoke from the gun drifts in front of your vision and you cannot see the target especially if he is running from his left to right - into the smoke haze

    Please fix and remove ASAP - CNQ is one of the best guns and its now awful to use

  2. Punk_Out Member

    Yep it's pretty awful. I lose sight of people now because of it. The weapon flash is awful too. Literally have to stop shooting to aim again, I am getting used to it and most players seem to still move in that basic drone style. People really need to stop walking into my bullet fire when they are trying to escape it.

    Check this out and add that to my suggestion:
  3. stevey66 Member

    Yeah - exactly mate - I used to love the CNQ - if that smoke is intentional design - then what in the flaming hell purpose does it serve ? Someone with the LMG and you have a CNQ with smoke so you cant see them lol. At least when the guns flash it doesn't block your vision of the target - so so so silly - now because of this and this alone - I use a Commando instead of Hellfire early game
  4. Disappointed Cust#99999 New Member

    Absolutely Agree! As if there weren't enough glitches to navigate... Now hey GUESS WHERE THE TARGET IS! I don't believe this was a problem before Season 5 so some developer must've had another GREAT IDEA!
  5. stevey66 Member

    At least CNQ is now fixed - Hellfire less of a problem because I assume you need to be closer to use this gun and the smoke isn't as intrusive - but I don't use it anyway