Challenge : "Experience Duos" buggy?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by RuTH0X, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. RuTH0X Member

    I played 4 (5?) Duos in a row, the first 1, I arrived 4th I think (maybe 3rd?) and got the 1 / 2 for the challenge, then 6th, 49th

    and then

    I arrived 4th, but I didnt get the "recognition" for it.. so I cancelled the Challenge.. I have to admit, 2 Battlepasses for this, is a bit undervalued, imo..

    NA Server, Montreal, Canada
    My second 4th place that wasnt recorded was at around 8:45 pm EST time (the end of it).. March 1st..

    Thank you
  2. RuTH0X Member

    oh, btw.. Pouli0t_PS (its a zer0)

    Thank you
  3. Carmen696 Member

    "the challenge"?

    how are we supposed to know what challenge you are talking about?
  4. RuTH0X Member

    "Experience Duos" is the challenges title.. ;)
  5. Carmen696 Member

    Yes, thats the title of it, but what is the challenge exactly?
  6. RuTH0X Member

    You need to finish 5th or better in Duos, twice.. Worth 2 BP
  7. Carmen696 Member

    Those kind of challenges just count if you are alive yourself until 5th. It doesnt matter if your partner wins the game if you died 6th place.
  8. RuTH0X Member

    Meaning that if I died 6th, but my team finished 4th, I dont get this?
  9. Carmen696 Member

    yes. Thats how its for me anyway
  10. RuTH0X Member

    Well, I don't remember personally finishing under 5th the first match, but NOT A BUG then.. I cant remove the thread...

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