Cannot Purchase "Classic Patriotic Bundle"

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by herbmaster, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. herbmaster New Member

    As of 27 June 2019 there's the "Classic" Patriotic Bundle featured as a special offer. I own nothing but the Riot Shotgun, yet it says "Purchased" and I cannot purchase the bundle even though I only have 1/6 items. Please resolve this issue before the end of the promotion, or if the bundle is purposefully locked please clearly state this in your updates in the future.

    P.S. -I dropped $40 on the "No Dupes" helmet deal while possessing every helmet except the Molten Helmet, recieving nothing but dupes.
    -I dropped $50 on the Black Vixion, my second purchase was the Rare Yellow Vixion for essentially $20 and it was a legendary dupe.
    total of $60 worth of dupe silver coins when advertised as "no dupes".
    -I know y'all want to make money off this game but Gimme a Break daybreak. Set prices on these cosmetics nd stop milking me. there's a reason i'm not playing black ops 4, to avoid wallet draining ******** deals like these recent offers.

    P.P.S. please give players access to earning the patriotic offroader (that doesnt mean throwing $20-100 and praying, c'mon y'all can rise above these schemes and be the greatest BR if you listen to your heart)
  2. herbmaster New Member

    thanks for f---king me, i mentioned the return of this bundle the first day this forum went live and i couldnt purchase it because i had the shotgun. you told us to hold up for the bug investigation and instead you removed it from the market. i'm going to have to wait another year for this??? nah, you just bit me in my behind to put it mildly. i am so furious with this game, more than anything else that's happened, more than the blue screens i tolerate, or any of the other problems i choose to ignore for the sake of enjoying this game. this was the last straw.