Can we get new victory crates, and Finish zones w/cover?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Menacemastrz, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Menacemastrz Member

    Preciate the season 8. Is it possible to get us some new victory crate items or perhaps a whole new crate system ? How about something like victory tokens instead? we can save and cash them in according to rarity 25 for silver 50 for gold and 100 for platinum?
    And please change up the finish zones to more places w/ cover there are so many awesome spots to end matches. This will change the game up dramatically and keep fresh . Ex (Would love to have more matches finish in the lab)

  2. Punk_Out Member

    I am thinking all the gear from these retired crates will most likely get moved to the Victory crates. At least that's what I would do. Or they will put the items into the marketplace. Who knows what the hell they are doing with this game...they like to keep us in the dark.

    I feel the game doesn't need another currency. Star coins can stay the way they are and there are items you can buy from the marketplace with them. The new red skull coins system is a nice refresh but it's the same. Remember this game is free, you don’t need PS+ to play it, so I feel that there is enough free content.
  3. Menacemastrz Member

    I’ve been playing this game a good minute I have hundreds of victory crates and don’t even open them anymore. It’s always a duplicate. I’m sure there are others like me and are tired of getting dubs and nothing new ever. If the victory crates are more challenging to get and with some new ones maybe players will want to grind and get dubs = something new. Silver coins are glitched. Have been since outlands. Over price every thing silver 100,000+ (for ex:) and then remove.

    The chaos, Apocalypse, and Arsenal crates were glitched too that’s why they were removed imo. I had 300+ of them from just playing matches. 100 of them I didn’t even open. (More useless silver and dupes)
  4. Punk_Out Member

    It's honesly a pointless currency now. Espcially after the DLC exploit when the outlander map was available.