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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FennellLad, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. FennellLad New Member

    Atm H1 population has fallen alot since the launch of the beta. Now with 3rd person being tested, maybe we can get other parts of the game fixed eg crossbow and the combat. If you removed the emp/explosive effect from the crossbow and removed the combat shotgun. You would have a balanced game as it would be down to player skill when using the SAME shotgun... also please cap the shotguns damage at 131 so you can 1 pump a level helmet but can't 1 pump full Hp and a 50 makeshift armour. This would make it balanced and consistent. The reason the AR15 is perfect is because its allways a 3 tap... its consistent. After that I'd love to see the game give incentive to play and not incentive to hide till the last possible second.... add a SKILL GAP PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
  2. Miniker Member

    Now don't have effective reaction, look on many topics on pages 2 and next because still don't have official answer for this topics. Still community it is not understood. Your topic have sense but devs ahve other vision H1Z1 than community.
  3. FennellLad New Member

    Yeah it's so disappointing how the dev team have no competitive sense when it comes down to H1. It's based around not needing to kill anyone other then the last person... zero skill. They need consistentcy
  4. FennellLad New Member

    A consistent game is a good game... having inconsistent weapons makes for a poor game simple as. Camping till the end and hiding is a method of winning but doesn't make a player a skilled player and yes H1 is only on console and as far as I'm aware console does use a controller. Making a riot shotgun a 1 pump to a level 1 would make it fair as atm you can 1 pump someone with 100 hp and a full 50 armour but yet you can't hit 130 on a helmet...
  5. Aragami New Member

    There will never be something like a skill gap in this game. You just need a trash conection on these trash servers, and you are a god.
  6. lPolitics Member

    Bring H1 back. I need all local and nationwide streams to stream H1 PS4 CONTENT daily. Once this new patch kicks in, we will be all good.
  7. Blumanno New Member

    Hi I'm new here. I want h1z1 to be a great game. I think they should bring zombies into the mix like call of duty did. H1z1 was a zombie game. Also having the zombies only appering in town would make sense since it would seem that ppl that lived there became zombies. Also it would add to the battle Royale lore I guess.another thing would be putting hi tier crates in the town's to have reason to go in and fight in towns. Also maybe to vehicles there too since it's obvs a town. I think this will make the game feel fresh and exciting. IDK if it's possible to do. If not give us a mode zombie mode with exploration or something not battle royal. Thanks for reading my bad typing.
  8. mayster91 New Member

    completly agreed with You boy. 1 shot from riot in armored chest = dead. 1 clear shot in armored head = no dead. That's sick rly
  9. lPolitics Member

    Yes bring it back
  10. Miniker Member

    Now is too many cases(still is many toxic players, update for weapons, many old bugs and problems, ect.). All is eliminated too slow. Now survey about weapons is too late. Single reaction than complex action it bad situation. Daybreak don't have people to updates because all is too slow. Situation with weapons need good reaction but probably will be something for weapons because next case wait. Now no need only something but good effects for weapons.

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