Bring Back July 4th Promotional Outfit

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by herbmaster, May 16, 2019.

  1. herbmaster New Member

    At the time of the beta, there was the promotional U.S.A. truck/ outfit purchase for 2000 crowns. at the time i had no job and couldn't get these items, opting for the Aurora set (which became frequent Marketplace items) and have suffered regret for a year now being unable to wear the America truck/jeep/AR15 (jeep was in beta market, AR was in the market ONCE. Please consider giving players another opportunity to obtain these Liberty gear. U.S.A.!
  2. LucaBrasi Member

  3. herbmaster New Member

    Thank you for doing this. Now please fix the bug that prevents me from spending Crowns to purchase it!
    and gimme that AR/Offroader!
  4. H1z1killdemall New Member

    The ting was bug....u need put it back again when i try buy it say all ready buy it was bug...
    I need and my other too the mask is realy nice