Beyond Royale: Season 3 Guide

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    PS4 servers will be coming offline on Thursday, February 21 during the below times in each region to support the Season 3 update:

    NA: 8 AM PST
    EU: 11 PM GMT

    Servers are scheduled to unlock after an anticipated 3-hour downtime.

    Season 3 has arrived! FFA Deathmatch, Ranked Leaderboards, and an all-new 100 tier Battle Pass headline this massive update (the biggest update ever for H1Z1 on PS4!). With so much content to dive into, here are the answers to some of your frequently-asked questions about the new Season:

    What is FFA Deathmatch?

    FFA is an an epic free-for-all mode that weds the fast-paced gameplay of H1Z1's core battle royale modes with the unlimited respawn meta of traditional Deathmatch. Matches feature up to 50 players dropping into 1 of 3 minimaps with a rotating arsenal of weaponry each spawn. Matches end after the first player reaches 25 kills OR the 15-minute timer clocks at zero. For more on FFA, check out this feature article.

    How do Ranked Leaderboards work?

    Starting this Season, a new ranking system will allow you to dynamically track your stats and performance across every battle royale game mode: solos, duos, and fives (FFA Deathmatch will initially be unranked). Ranks will be categorized across 6 tiers (Bronze to Master), each with 3 subtiers, and individual match scores don't start counting towards your rank until after you play 5 full matches in that game mode. Keep an edge on the competition, though - deductions kick-in for poor placement once you achieve Platinum rank! For more on Ranked Leaderboards, check this feature article.

    What other new content does Season 3 introduce?

    Along with FFA, Season 3 introduces a second mode designed for players just starting their climb up the leaderboards: Training Grounds. The Training Grounds feature a shooting gallery for you to hone your marksmanship and master the range and recoil of each weapon and throwable in the game. Not a bad place for vets to warm up their trigger fingers either before jumping into the more competitive modes!

    What options are available for the new Battle Pass?

    The H1Z1 Season 3 Battle Pass is our biggest yet, with 100 tiers of all-new rewards to unlock (including a few brand new reward types)! Here are the different ways you can grab the Premium Battle Pass in-game:

    Premium Battle Pass (1000 Crowns)
    Premium Battle Pass PLUS 30 Tiers Unlocked (5500 Crowns 4400 Crowns - Save 20%!)
    Premium Battle Pass PLUS ALL 100 Tiers Unlocked (16000 Crowns 9600 Crowns - Save 40%!)

    New this season, you can also earn Crowns by leveling up your Battle Pass: unlocking the entire Premium Battle Pass will earn you 1290 Crowns, more than the 1000 Crown cost for Premium!

    For more on what new items are available in the Season 3 Battle Pass, check out this feature article.

    How long will Season 3 last?

    Season 3 is scheduled to end on May 16, 2019.

    How do I earn the new reward type, Master's Coins, and what can I spend them on?

    Master's Coins are a new reward we've introduced for players after they unlock their entire Battle Pass. Once you unlock all 100 tiers, the Battle Pass medals you acquire for completing challenges will flip over to Master's Coins, which can be used on exclusive items in the Marketplace OR on Master's Crates, which offer cosmetics and other items unavailable anywhere else in-game (check out our feature article on the new Battle Pass for a look at a few of those sweet Master's Crate items!). Master's Coins can also be obtained by leveling up individual tiers in the Battle Pass, or in the bundles available for purchase from the PlayStation Store.

    What are Daily Attendance Rewards, and how do I earn them?

    Starting today, you can earn free rewards simply by logging in! Earn up to 50 days of skins, XP, and currency - including the new Viking Outfit - just for showing up!

    Everyone who ever played a match of H1Z1 on PS4 before the start of Season 3 will also immediately earn the new Shadow Riot Shotgun as a free welcome back gift to kickoff the new season!

    What items will be available from the PlayStation Store at the start of Season 3?

    Two new bundles are available for purchase in the PlayStation store: The X-Con Pack ($14.99 / €14.99) and Escape Pack ($4.99 / €4.99). PS+ members can also download the Bandit Pack for free as part of their membership.
  2. lolbeast56 New Member

    were are the communily updates that all we care about
  3. lolbeast56 New Member

    community updates better be good beter be some major changes like fov options and prox chat
  4. wilfrea1216 New Member

    wow, this season looks amazing so far. thank you devs for working hard for this season to be a success. i know the community including myself can give you devs a lotta s**t, but i feel like for the most part, you listened to us, the community. even if you didnt manage to include prox chat or fov options, from what i see, a lot of hard work was put into this. the community has asked for some type of reward for after max tiers/ and or max season level, and with master coins you did just that. so thank you for listening, and god, shout out to the outfit designers for this season, 95 percent of the outfits look really cool. the new UI looks beautiful and we the community have asked to be able to see our characters entire body so we can inspect our outfits more efficently, and the devs did just that. keep on this track and H1Z1 will continue to be one of the biggest and best battle royales.
  5. jgolenbo Community Relations

    The focus of the Season 3 update was delivering new content - we've been patching bugs through periodic hot fixes that don't require downtime, and typically don't share patch notes if it's just a few at a time. But we're planning a quality of life patch pending the launch of Season 3 in both NA and EU.
  6. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Much appreciated my dude!! :)
  7. RuTH0X Member

    Does it mention ANYWHERE that you would split players between ranking level? I think we kind of complain when you decided to separate newbies, lack of player in low hours and lack of easy kill for "average" players..?? I mean, now we are lucky to have 20 players (instead of 100 ??!?!?), and they are all harder to kill..

    I simply dont understand..

    Thank you
  8. RuTH0X Member

    oh, I forgot the waiting time.. 5 (or whatever) minutes before playing...??
  9. RuTH0X Member

    I am sorry, reading another post, it seems to be a bug.. n/m then..

    Thank you for all the good work, and effort.. Especially answering and being active here.. Appreciated...

    Thank you..
  10. wilfrea1216 New Member

    i see deductions kick in for poor placement once platinum, but what about for not playing? if i make platinum or diamond and then stop playing h1z1 for a week or 2, do i get deduced rank?
  11. jgolenbo Community Relations

    i don't believe you can't derank for inactivity, but i'll clarify. you do however improve your rank through cumulative kills/wins/top 10s, so you can't just play a handful of really awesome matches and then just sit at Master