Best Season so Far! Decent Job. But your servers...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aragami, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Aragami New Member

    Hey Daybreak, its very RARE that i find good words about your game or team. But you all made a "pretty" good Job with the new update. But when someone of you read this topic... please work on the servers ( higher tickrate, dedicated, ping filter, PING LIMIT )
    The game is just ridiculous more challenging with 1GB Fiber internet. The damage i take is hilarious, while its just not possible to me, to kill somone with less than 4-5 pump shots, because they are delayed, and desynced the whole game. There is nothing, that pissing me more off, that some lagger that cant even afford PS+, or some little Bastards with guest accounts killing me like nothing, because they are ******* immortal, or killing me in one frame because of the lag / delay. Your game is not fair for people with absolut top notch internet, you have to work on this HUGE issue. Try to filter these hardcore french, arab and other stupid laggers in they're own servers / games. I dont get why i ( and many others with good internet ) have to play against 200pingers or people with the data package loss sign all the time. Its not fair! The game has / had huge potential, just invest more in the game, and try to listen more to the community! You still have a lot of work to do... This game is sadly no skill but ping based game, very sad!
  2. Aragami New Member

    Yeah ok, i take everything back, the map is way to small, the whole pacing of the game is dead, its way to fast now. And i ******* hate your studio for your lagger friendly **** game!!! Some minutes ago i killed a guy who took 4 heay assault shots on his helmet, and then 4-5 more on his naked head!! ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME???? The last guy of course won the round, you now why? Yeah because not one of my headshots connected on this laggings SOB!!
  3. Aragami New Member

    And are you ******* stupid?? Why are all the windows closed with glas??? Its so nice when you dont find a weapon and you cant run away because you are traped like a ******* rabid!!
  4. evry1sfav Member

    Yea, They really made this game for scrubs. They took out any skill with the 3rd person ADS. Then they make a smaller map, with guns that have little ammo, and everyone drops on top of eachother. I have never played Pub G, Fortnite, or any of these other games that came out trying to be like H1Z1, now it appears H1 is trying to be like all these other games? Everything everyone hates about the other games and they threw it into this one.. Misewell have us build crap too!? Ill be looking for a new game
  5. RuTH0X Member

    let me now if you find a good one ;)