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    Let me break it down as simple as possible:

    --- H1Z1 on PS4 has plenty of long-term bugs and gameplay issues that have been ignored and amplified over each "patch/update"

    --- New features are added that nobody asked for, while old problems continue to fluster the H1Z1 player base

    --- The people who play H1Z1 and spend money on it, go to voice their opinions on "official forums" about the mentioned bugs and gameplay issues

    --- Multiple people address similar issues in the "official forums" where developer response was minimal, and now non-existent

    --- The "official forums" are now a list of unresolved complaints. Here we are today

    People WANT somewhere to spend their money, but spending on stagnant games is a dying trend. Daybreak NEEDS gamers who actually like a game and see the potential in it becoming something much bigger. I believe that H1Z1 NEEDS me and individuals like myself to give insight how this game can be improved.

    It's a win-win situation that any rational person would consider; that is, unless Daybreak is accepting of the mediocrity that is H1Z1 today.