Are people going to get their kills back?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Dgkkush1993, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Will the people that have been effected by seasonal kill resets be givin back their kills lost? Or will we be forgotten about after this update? I have screen shots on my ps4 of the seasonal kills and can show you missing kills of many of the people including myself effected..
  2. Carmen696 Member

    Nope doesnt look like it. I just logged in and checked my career and nothing has changed after I was reset back to bronze.

    "Re-populated EU Leaderboards with recovered data from the initial few days after the Season 3 Game Update"

    oh well, at least they tried
  3. stevey66 Member

    Yeah mine is still the same (from Australia - EU servers) - nothing changed yet - but it is early days - so praise to Daybreak for putting it as top priority and giving updates - we will see.
    I woudn't even care if I didn't get the kills back - I can get them again - as long as it does not reset again from this point- I think we can be happy. Imagine in a months time from now - if NOONE had been reset again - it would be solved for good and we can hit the grindstone !
  4. jgolenbo Community Relations

    From what we've been able to verify in our investigation into this issue, it appears that all of the data from your match history is intact (stats, kills, etc). It's just not being reflected accurately on the Leaderboards. So our working assumption right now is that you'll get back all your stats once the Leaderboards are accurately reflecting all your account data. Still investigating and hopeful to have a fix soon (we're still determining how the system has responded to yesterday's update), but optimistic that ALL your Season 3 stats will ultimately be reflected on the Leaderboards.
  5. Carmen696 Member

    Thanks for reply. its frustrating when you keep us in the dark.

    Fyi, the lobby solo seasonal wins leaderboard are correct for me, but my career solo wins are missing 3 wins. Both numbers should be the same.
  6. Dgkkush1993 Member

    I have a idea that may work. Is there a way to make it so you can see your total kills somewhere in the career tab?
  7. stevey66 Member

    OK - just reset again for me - Solo - Australia so EU server - March 3rd 4 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time - had 125 kills - now the Lobby Leaderboard says 2 - Career is unaffected and Wins are still on lobby leaderboard (though it is a different number to Career Wins given previous resets)

    5 am GMT 3rd March steve_y66

    I was enjoying progessing up the leaderboard - now I don't want to play

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