Arcade mode doesn't give victory crate!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maggwar, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Maggwar Member

    I played this arcade mode from
    Friday, June 7: Detonation
    And get 1 place but guess what no victory
    Crate or else. Why is this happening, since
    Others arcade modes gives you victory and
    Other rewards if you win.
  2. Dave New Member

    It’s amazing isn’t it? The new arcade modes are their new thing they are hoping to draw interest from and they don’t give any incentive to play the mode. One dumb decision after another at daybreak. It is mind boggling the logic or lack there of that goes into decisions at the company.
  3. LucaBrasi Member

    We still haven't even got our rewards from last season. We were supposed to get based on the level we finished, there was conveys. New ar skin, kranos watch, etc. I keep checking to see if I got them, nothing, but they expect us to pay for a new season, and buy crates after we unlock them. Lol
  4. AlhpaBravos Member

    The watch and hat skins are rewards for season 4 not season 3. So each tier you go up in season 4, you get a reward. I didnt bother with arcade mode in season 3 because of the 3rd person ads bollocks.
    I havent played h1z1 since S3 so surprised to hear that arcade mode still exists. Seems utterly redundant. You want to maintain focus on Battleroyale mode and not split up the player base in anyway.
  5. LucaBrasi Member

    It reads that it was rewards for season 3. Here are their words.
    Extending Season 3 doesn't JUST offer one last chance to level up your Battle Pass - it ALSO gives you extra time to earn Ranked Rewards by climbing the Career Leaderboards! Earn some or all of the following items for each rank you hit by May 29:

    Silver: Agir Conveys
  6. AlhpaBravos Member

    Fair enough Luca. But you know this is just another example amongst many of daybreak saying one thing and then not following through. Those tier rewards are BS anyway so not worth your time and effort.

    I am not keeping up as much any more with h1z1 so others will know more. I might come back in season 5 to see new map and what new problems daybreak created.
  7. vhdustin Member

    and yet ppl still team in arcade mode and don't even get a crate, dumbasses