Another Daily Challenge not Unlocking - FIX ASAP

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by stevey66, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. stevey66 Member

    Yes another one

    Collect 3 Commandos from Longfall - picked up at least 6 - ensuring I was in exact area - nothing

    At this point - while I should have 3 daily challenges to complete - every day now it is either 1 or 2 - since the other ones are broken

    Jgolenbo - any word ? It would be nice to hear from someone about this continual frustration and broken game experience

    I am sick of posting bugs and I am fast losing interest

    Can I request again - the Running Man emote - for my trouble

    Why oh why do these seemingly simple bugs persist ? Do you actually test your own challenges before releasing ?
  2. Lucabrasi013 New Member

    The way you complete it is by killing someone with a commando in that area and then looting it from them
  3. FANLESS New Member

    I had this problem, and I fixed it by using the stock skin for the Commando. It wouldn't work for me if I used any other skins.

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