Another awesome daybreak decision

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MoneyHungryDevs, Feb 18, 2019.

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    So let's get this straight, this forum was created because they needed to police and hide all the negative feedback from the previous forums and reddit.

    These are the worst developers in the world and that's saying something considering Fallout 76 just dropped.

    This was a shameless cash grab and it's a bit sad as H1Z1 is a good game the mid management of it is the reason it doesn't exist anymore and before you defend it so hard. The 40 of you still playing doesn't constitute a player base.

    It's actually sad as many people had good ideas but all where ignored to try and milk sheep for money through skins instead of fixing ANYTHING and they are honestly pretty dumb about the way they went about if how much money are you expecting from places like Australia when you can't even add local servers.

    Im glad the world saw through loot crates especially with a company as bad as this one
    Charging $50 for 10 ugly gas was criminal.