*Alert* Down Glitch

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by lPolitics, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. lPolitics Member

    When I fully revived my buddy while he was in the down state, on his screen he was still in the down state but on my screen he was on his feet. His mobility was limited, he could only move as if he was crawling while in the down state. Happened to him twice in very critical moments of the game, and another buddy of mine. Please look into this.
  2. TheDrizzle22 Member

    This is the most humiliating glitch. In H1Z1. I had this happen to me when being downed while exiting a vehicle. After reviving I was forced to crawl , redownimg and reviving didn't fix, only thing I could do correctly was drive...
  3. lPolitics Member

    Ahhh man im sorry you had to experiemce such ah thing. H1 you really need to fix this asap !! I don't lie
  4. kdot Member

    Wow this needs to be patched asap, my buddy and I just experienced this in a duo. OMG

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