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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Arnold, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Arnold New Member

    I consider myself representing the clean set of players from the ever loving and supportive Asian Region. H1Z1 has been the first love for many of us when it comes to BR and what they say about first love is always close to heart. The major problem we have in Asia Region is the amount of cheaters there is in the game. They spawn grenades, infinite bullets, auto aim, shoot through walls, they FLY. This is me complaining for the "I don't know how many time". Yes, I am frustrated to the very core but the love for this game is still in me; Hence the post. I wish truly that this coming update, DEVELOPERS of this GAME put an Eagle eye into the security part of the game to make sure that there are no cheaters in the whole game. Not just Asian region but the WHOLE GAME. No one likes playing with cheaters. The thing about not doing anything about it means you will forever stay with the player count of 1.5k Peak and dropping. WE all long for a clean good game. Hope the team would consider and look into this problem. God bless whoever that helps. peace out and all the best.
  2. RuTH0X Member

    on PS4 ? Can we see videos?
  3. Arnold New Member

    Just YouTube them and you will see. On PC. The hackers been there for three years now. Started on year 2017 and has been growing. In the year 2018, the number of cheaters in H1Z1 BR (PC) Asia Region grew by a huge amount, it was more like a "Hackers Royale". I would really appreciate by the time the most anticipated update dubbed "H1Z1 Comeback Update" gets rolled out to live servers, it would include a proper anti cheat system to prevent players from cheating by using exploits and other hacking tools. Really hoping for a proper approach here. When we reported to daybreak, they couldn't care less. Here I am again hoping for the new developers NantG could do something about it. All the best to all.
  4. RuTH0X Member

    Oh, I am on PS4.. is this a PS4 forum? I guess not, doesnt seem like it though, but I usually see only the same "20" players posting here, I think all of them PS4 players..

    Good luck with the anti-cheat feature, always nice no cheaters.. "hard" to achieve though.. Viruses still exist on computers, since day 1...
  5. NoobNevz New Member

    Yes, I totally agree with Arnold on this.
    The number of hackers are increasing day by day especially in Asia Server.. Why I mention Asia Server only now? That is because last time, these dumb hackers were all over the servers and now since the ping is locked according to regions, they got no other place to go than Asia since these dumb hackers are from Asia anyway..Don't believe me.. Look at their names and you will know.. Can Daybreak fix them ?? Ow wait, that is something Daybreak ALWAYS get commented about and not do anything about it :D You can even check the leaderboards for Royalty, Masters, and Diamond and see for yourselves.. Let the hackers dominate.. 2Tap Masters everywhere.. Ow wait, 2Tap Masters with AIMBOTS everywhere. Wait there is more, wall hack.. and wait wait there is more.. Spawning grenades whenever needed and more.. I have seen all this happen right infront of my eyes while playing the game.. but how on earth are we supposed to report this when the hackers are doing this instantly..The only time they get caught are during live streams of streamers or some recordings.. and all of them are out there on Youtube. Open up Youtube, search for "H1z1 hackers" and see for yourselves. Ow wait, Daybreak probably would have done it and not care about it still.. Why not the Daybreak developers send few of their guys to Asia and ask them to play in this server for at least minimum one week.. Ow wait.. ONE GAME I mean. That is more than enough to show you the amount of nonsense taking place in this server.. Hackers everywhere.. Every single game that I enter, 95 % of them are hackers and only the remaining 5 % are fair players who die early stage thanks to this dumb hackers..and some of the lucky ones make it to minimum top 5 and die to the hackers anyway.. Will Daybreak still listen to us ? ow wait, no they won't. Keep focusing on adding boxes infront of the helicopter in the waiting lobby because that is the main issue with the game.. Hackers are love, Hackers are life..


    Some videos of hacking in H1Z1 -->

    I hope that the new developers take everything I say into consideration and make H1z1 dominate again in the Battle Royale world.. I really can't wait to see how the new update is going to be...
  6. Arnold New Member

    You can also have a look at the leader board on asian server. have a look at royalty and diamond players, how many kills they get in a game. 40 kills 50 kills. Insane kills in one match which makes no sense. Now its 30 to 40 because the players base dropped. But seriously with cheaters around, no use bringing in the best update or the best game play improvements

    I know there is no way for you to make a game with 0 cheaters, impossible, but least take some effort to prevent it. Look at Rainbow Six, Apex, CS DDServers, LOL, Fortnite all have good reliable anti cheat system and they take cheating as a serious offence. Be and follow that way.
  7. RuTH0X Member

    Guys, here is the PS4 forum, they cannot listen to you if you want to talk about Z1..