!! 3rd Person ADS !!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lPolitics, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. lPolitics Member

    Finally!!! Can't wait for this implementation. I wonder what controls will take over the 3rd Person ADS. Thank you so much Daybreak. You guys work so diligently that I can only admire it. To hyped for the update. Can't wait for the release date.
  2. Aragami New Member

    Nobody will play this game anymore in may
  3. lPolitics Member

    Me and about 300 local gamers play this game constantly. The ps4 that is to be exact.
  4. vhdustin Member

    constant full lobbies here
  5. JernejK1 Member

    I'm not excited by 3rd person ADSat all. If I wanted this, I'd play a different game. Not having it adds some challenge because you're not as well aware of your surroundings and you can get flanked.

    Instead of yet another new feature, Daybreak should fix the three most annoying glitches in the game; falling through the map on landing, falling of the ATV and weapons disappearing from hands after exiting a vehicle.
  6. BackGroundMan92 New Member

    Does anyone feel the AK-47 needs to be more accurate, I don't mean as accurate as the KH just half as accurate to make long distance engagements with the AK better.
  7. BackGroundMan92 New Member

    Also 3rd person ADS will make this game better in the long run.
  8. AlhpaBravos Member

    I have my thoughts on the subject but will get a better a sense when it drops in arcade mode. Having watched the recent video im still not sure what to make of it...