20 kill solo/fives

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by lPolitics, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. lPolitics Member

    Had to go big for the end of season 3. SEASON 4 Tomorrow baby LETS GET IT! My Tribute >>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. Aragami New Member

    Do you play on us servers? They seem to be a lot better and more stable than the ****** eu servers. Its almost a joy to see how almost all of your shots actually connecting. On Eu servers 75% of your bullets only hit the air
  3. lPolitics Member

    Yes N/A servers
  4. lPolitics Member

    Does that takeaway from my gameplay?
  5. Ronin72 New Member

    Good stuff! Least your able to kill ppl. I dump mags into them, don't kill them and they turn around and 1 shot kill me with any gun. Joy...
  6. Maggwar Member

    You are correct my fella mechaarma its half clickbait haha ok